Wednesday, November 16, 2011

rudeness insights anger

God, I can't stand our appartment at the moment, On monday we woke up to hear drilling, sawing and all sorts of construction work, My head was spinning. 

Then on Tuesday it continued again, and this time I went out and asked the man are you going to be doing that for long? Yes the rest of the week, He is chopping wood out there, There is a mountain of wood out there I don't think he will ever be finished.

I bought earplugs and surprise surprise they didn't work ugh, Then this morning I woke up more sawing, and a phone call from my land lady asking why haven't we paid the rent? What? I paid on Monday, Then she checked her computer yes we did, sorry, Then I told her that our oven is still broken.

A few weeks ago, we told the office our oven is not working, and they said they would get a maintenance man, Then a few days later a maintenance man called and said he would be here in 10 minutes, This was at 8am, my boyfriend was working a nightshift and said to tell him to come back later, So I did, then after that the maintenance man never called me again and our oven is still not working. 

Then today when i reminded her, she said "yeah, the maintenance man came and you wouldn't let him in" Then I said "he gave me 10 minutes notice," I really think thats unreasonable, he should tell us a day in advance when he is coming, Then she told me its my own fault, The maintenance man only comes on one day, you can't tell him what time to come. 

I was so angry. We are paying the rent here, why can't we tell him what time to come? I can't stand this rude woman,