Monday, September 19, 2011

Shit, Shit, Shit

I am so angry with myself, I am so stupid, I missed the chance of a job interview because I was too busy checking my other email addresses. Oh god I feel like shit, How stupid am I. Just want to bang my head against a wall or something. But why didn't they just call me for the interview on my mobile instead of just emailing. 

AWWWW I'm so angry, I just emailed the lady and told her I was away and would it be possible for her to hold the interview this week. I'll just say a prayer. everyone keep there fingers crossed for me. I really wanted that job it would have been so handy.

Friday, September 16, 2011

A stepping stone, thats sll

My boyfriend decided he had no choice but to change jobs this week, I can't really blame him, considering the boss was trying to sell it from right under his feet, I don't know why the boss didn't have the decency to tell him out straight that they are planning to close up, instead they just carry on some sort of charade.

To be honest I am not happy about where he is planning to work next, a place called Shelby's Brasserie, Bray The first time I went there with my family, I didn't know anything about the restaurant or how it was run, and thought the food was delicious. All European food, I think I had spare ribs, duck and choclate fudge cake.

They market themselves as a family run restaurant, which sounds really sweet and lovely, like a mom and pops sort of high class restaurant. Little did I know at that stage that not even one member of the kitchen crew was European, let alone Irish, The whole restaurant seems anything but European. Its just got an artificial dressing of Irish and European waitresses

Now I have nothing against people from outside Europe working in European restaurants. My issue is the pay. The owner "the supposed all round family front man" offered my boyfriend 300-350 euro per week to be a starter chef in the kitchen (I don't mean starter as in beginner. I mean responsible for cooking the first course) 8.65 per hour basically, Almost everyone working in that kitchen is getting that.

Do you know how many starters are on the menu? 15. My boyfriend has stayed up til 3 in the morning studying this menu for the last 3 nights and has been waking up early, cause hes stressed out thinking about the menu.

Then they asked him to come in for 3 days training Sunday, Monday and the coming Thursday. They worked him to the bone on Monday and Sunday and didn't even pay him twopence. Its unbelievable, I know its training but seriously I know he worked just as hard as the others in the kitchen.

The other reason I didn't want him to take this job, is because his friend who's working there as a kitchen porter, was given a zero hour contract, meaning they can call him any day at any time to come and work so basically he has no free days at all. I don't want my boyfriend trapped into something like that. Its disgraceful.

Last night when my boyfriend came home from the training he looked so sick and then he told me that the boss does not allow them to eat any of the food in the kitchen not even a morsel. I swear its like a modern form of slavery.

Anyway I tried to reassure him that this job is just a stepping stone. your not going to stay here forever, I told him to keep looking for another job in the meantime.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pop that cork!

We almost didn't make it down to Cork, My boyfriend's job seems to be under jeopardy at the moment, well we have known this for quite awhile, The restaurant has got quieter and quieter as the weeks go by. Theres always been something to blame it on,

for instance, the bad weather is keeping people away since they have stopped doing delivery,

last week was back to school time and parents obviously didn't have any money left.
 I want this bag
but then this weekend it got considerably worse, we saw the restaurant is up for sale on, and they haven't even told my boyfriend or any of the staff there Then to put the cherry on the cake, they didn't pay him this week.

Which meant Cork was more or less out of the question. :( until my Mom finally agreed to pay for half of the hotel and I used some spare cash I had in my post office account and off we went.

Off we set we got the bus from Dublin to cork, and as usual were late, and ended up getting the worst seats on the whole bus, second from the back, with an extremely noisy and drunk, rude polish man behind us, who was more of a Dub than the Dubs themselves.

We couldn't wait to get away from him and rush off the bus and head to our lovely hotel, The Gresham Metropole. very nice hotel, although a little noisy at night time, We went to Tasty Oriental for dinner. It was really good and very reasonable 35 euro for 2 people. 3 courses.

The next morning we woke up bright and early, (because of the traffic outside) and had our traditional irish breakfast.

Then headed off into the city to explore, we went to the English market, then to St. Fin Barres Cathedral, University College Cork (I have to say it is almost as big as UCD) then we went to an art gallery which my boyfriend loved, it wasn't like a traditional gallery you would see in France, it was much more contemporary.

English Market
University College Cork
St Fin Barres Cathedral

Art Gallery

We were planning to go to FItzgerald park and Mueseum, but it started lashing raining and we were starving, so we gave it a miss, but sure theres always next time.

We got on our bus at 6 and were glad to see their were no drunk polish men around. We made it back to Bray at 12 and I crashed out on the bed straight away my poor little legs were walked off me!! lol

Friday, September 2, 2011

What's next?

I handed in my last two assignments on Wednesday afternoon, One was a book review and i swear to god, it nearly killed me. I hadn't written one since I was in primary school and that was probably only on a short little children's novel. But this weeks one was on an Academic book of about 500 pages.

I stupidly only started it on Monday, definitely cutting it short. I spent Monday and Tuesday in the library from 11-5 both days. Mainly because of a huge Library fee that I am trying to avoid paying.

What happens to a library fees after you finish college? does it just keep going up and up and then they eventually come to your house like a loan shark and start taking away your stuff? or will it just disapear like my student number when I am no longer a student?

Anyway I spent Monday doing everything else except the book review, I listened to music, texting I went on facebook, I checked emails, I went on ebay, I researched hotels in cork :) On Monday we are going on a short trip to Cork to celebrate me finishing college, Does anybody know anything interesting to do in cork?

So basically Monday was completing unproductive and full of procrastination, then on Tuesday I finally settled down and got somewhere and thank god I was able to hand it in on Wednesday ^^

After I handed it in I had to rush like a mad woman to catch my bus and make it back to Bray for my Brothers, girlfriends Debs before party at her house (for all my American readers the Debs or the Debutant Ball if you like is the Irish prom )
heres me in my Debs dress with my sister ~!
Me with my date lol
Me and my date at the other Debs~

I loved my dresses especially the pink one I wanted to be a princess, the only thing i was missing was a tiara.

Anyway enough about me the real centre of attention should be Katie my brothers girlfriend she looked gorgeous, and my brother didn't scrub up to badly haha! here are some photos

 Me, My mom, my brother, Katie (Brothers girlfriend) and my sister

The movie star pose~~!!

I think going to the debs with a boyfriend is a lot more enjoyable than going with a random guy friend you don't know to well. Like what I did I wish I could go back and time and bring my now boyfriend >.<

I will end this with the big question on everyone's lips, What now? Degree, Masters complete. Time to enter the big bad world.