Sunday, July 31, 2011

What was I thinking

Last Sunday when I met my Malaysian friend Danny, he gave me a job, and naturally thinking with my purse and definitely not my arms, accepted it with open arms lol. The job is to be a program seller in the Aviva Stadium during the Football festival which started yesterday.

Seriously don't know what poessessed me to take this job, like what my brother said last night "out of all the possible jobs this would be the last one that I would think you are suitable for" obviously he had great confidence in me lol.

Well to be honest I could see what he was getting at, I am not naturally a very loud person. Most people usually describe me as a quiet gently spoken person. I kind of lack the agressive features needed to sell programme books. But never the less I thought I would give it my best try and be as loud as possible.

As a matter of fact being loud enough was the least of my worries. The main problem I had was carrying the bloody programmes. they weighed a bloody ton. Worst experience of my life carrying that heavy bag/ box around.

There were 2 matches on each day. For the first match Airtricity vs Manchester city we were positioned in the worst position ever for selling and we decided we would try to move and that required having to try and shift the bag from one side of the stadium to the other. Only to be told when we got there to turn around and go back to our original positions. I wanted to die.
Airtricity vs Manchester city

Then we went back and didn't sell one programme as a matter of fact hardly a soul pasted us. The problem was our first position was actually in the stadium and there were already sellers outside the stadium so by the time they had got to us they had already bought a programme.

luckily after the match we were reassigned to a new location outside wahoo!!! which was great and I managed to sell 50 programme books I was paid on commission so its 5% per book and each book cost 5 euro. However when I went back after they gave me 20 euro which was a bit odd but nevertheless I was happy lol.

When I got home my arms were so sore. I was really debating about whether or not to go again the next day, when my friend danny text me and told me he found a wheelbarrow in his shed and is going to bring it tommorrow so we don't have to carry the heavy bags lol!!!!  what a sight we will be lol! I may take photos tommorrrow lol
Day 2 continued in the next post :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

wahoo I got my malaysian gifts

The morning after the babysitting, me, the French student and the Spannish student, had the most horrible lunch imaginable lol. Well I didn't, they did, First off there was no bread left, so I couldn't make sandwiches as planned..

Then the boys suggested I could make some fried eggs, I mean how hard could that be? the gas wouldn't turn on properly, and I couldn't find any oil...

Then I got the gas going and tried substituting cooking oil with olive oil. Oh dear god all the eggs stuck to pan. The eggs looked so unappetizing I just wanted to die. But the two boys ate them, How? I have no clue. After they finished I rushed to try and wash the pan before my uncle came home. I hadn't even finished boiling the kettle and in he came. Kill me now! Kill me now!

He didn't react badly, however it turned out that there was actually frozen bread in the freezer... oops, could of saved myself a lot of embarrassment, Anyway then my Uncle drove me to the train station. The Air festival was on in my town that day, The radio said that there was an 80,000 people crowd expected and to expect huge traffic jams getting into the town, so I thought the train would be the best option.

The train arrived on to the platform absolutely jam packed with people, I opened the door to the first carriage no room, second carriage no room, and so on so eventually I just had to push my way in with my rucksack on my back. I swear it was busier than any train or bus or subway I went on in China.

Anyway I texted my friend Danny when i got on the train, he was also traveling to my town today to see me and the air festival, I don't think I could of picked a worse day for him to come lol. He had to get a bus and then a train to see me.

Luckily we both made it without suffocating, and we headed to the beach and watched the air festival, then headed to Mcdonalds, where he presented me with my gifts,

A pink leather purse

Postcards of Kuala Lumpur

Doraemon comics

Then after we went back down to the seafront luckily a lot of the crowds had started to head home and then we went to the carnival and went on a load of different rides.

This was great for me because I had been trying to persuade my boyfriend to go on some of the rides all week, the most I could get him to go on was the Ferris wheel.

But anyway It was a great day :) and its decided a trip to Malaysia is definitely on the cards :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

I can't sleeo

This is the story of my life these days, me and my boyfriend have been driven demented this week. Every night my boyfriend has a new excuse about why he can't go to sleep at a reasonable time like a normal person.

I just finished work, I need some time to relax before I go to bed.

I just ate a snack, I can't possibly go to sleep on an full stomach.

I am not tired yet

The trains are too noisy

Our neighbors are too noisy.

I have heard these excuses a dozen times and most of the time I just ignore them or accept them and go to sleep before him. I am quite a light sleeper, I like the room to be totally silent before I can go to sleep, I can't stand

Taps dripping

Radiators dripping


tv shining on me,

someone typing

rustling papers

shining lights.

Considering we live in a studio apartment there's not much places for my boyfriend to go. So usually if he can't sleep my boyfriend watches a movie with his earphones in and doesn't bother me at all.

However since Wednesday our internet has been cut off. so no movies so the only alternative he has is to play games on his computer which requires a lot of clicking and banging on the keyboard. Which
completely stops me from sleeping and drives me mad.

So since Wednesday my boyfriend has had no alternative but to move into the bathroom to play his video games. Its a very funny sight indeed.
My boyfriend would love this bathroom lol

But yesterday, I had fallen asleap and he was still up and felt hungry and didn't want to start making loads a noise so he went out to try and buy some this was at 2am and surprise surprise everywhere was closed so he headed to his friends house and ate noodles there and drank some beer.

Then he came back to our appartment at god knows what time. It looked bright outside and gave the door a huge bang and woke me up. Then after awhile he got into bed and started trying to go to sleep.

We turned this direction tossed that direction and my god looked at the clock 6.30 we couldn't fall asleap. he got up and started to play his game again while I decided to change my sleeping direction and moved my pillow to the top of the bed and tried one more time to fall asleap and thank god I did

I woke up at 10.30 with a gigantic headache and decided to head back to my house. Then my dad dropped me to my uncles house to mind students. so although I really want to take a nap right now I can't I am waiting for them to come home at 11 and then im going to go to bed and fingers crossed have a peaceful night sleep lol  

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wait for it

The only thing I seem to be doing is waiting, waiting for everything, waiting for our solicitor to get back to us about our application its been like at least 2 months since we heard anything. I keep joking hes sitting in his office getting fat. Then my boyfriend goes mad, saying i am making it worse, we should never of hired the solicitor in the first place that's just my opinion.

Another thing i am waiting for, well not really waiting for a such but I know its going to happen and it definitely will. I am going to finish college at the end of August and go out into the big bad world and hopefully find a job. I wish i could stay in college for another while... I'm only 22...
Although as of last night the job front has slightly improved, I saw a staff wanted sign in a Casina which is about 5 minutes away from our apartment, so i just dropped in my CV this morning so now I am sitting beside the phone waiting for word...

Another thing that I am not particularly waiting for, but i know its going to happen is some of my Chinese friends moving back to China, its inevitable.

The next thing i am waiting for is something i am actually waiting for and looking forward to. My friend came back from China about two weeks ago and told me they bought some gifts for me :) and I met them last week and when i arrived in the city centre they said Damn I forgot to bring your gift.... So I am still waiting to receive my gift lol.

Actually that's not the only gift I am waiting for, another friend from Malaysia came back to Ireland a couple of months ago and we met up and he was really excited to see me and lost my gift... then he told me he has other gifts at his house for me and he will give them to me next time... but the next time just hasn't come round yet..

My boyfriend bought me a new (well new to me) IMAC wow very very fancy! but i still haven't been able to use it to like access the internet yet because it needs some system repairs. Hes been saying hes going to fix it ever since he bought it... hopefully it will be worth the wait.

I am sure there's loads more things I am waiting for... but these are the ones that have come to mind now.