Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Its amazing the amount of habits you pick up from your spouse when you live together, All my life I have always had a fear of the cold, which I found out today is called Cheimatophobia. Weird never even knew it was a real phobia, but its true I absolutely hate being cold, 

This has caused me countless problems in the past, for example my heat rash on my back, I got into the habit of leaning against radiators in my house on cold days, somedays I would do it with a cushion behind me but other days not, It made me feel really comfortable and toasty most of the time, occasionally I'd feel over heated and move away, but most of the time i could handle it,

But at the end of the winter of doing this. My mom one day noticed a black bruise on my back, and was freaked out. I tried to insist it had always been there but of course it hadn't this was about 3 years ago I think. Tattoo desires never died lol

Anyway the next winter came and I continued doing it and never got the thing checked out.  It didn't hurt. But then I started going out with my boyfriend about 2 years ago and it was the first thing he noticed, I told him it was a birth mark, and he didn't ask too many questions, then we started living together and we have no radiators in our apartment, 

so the habit has almost died down although occasionally I still like to lean against radiators when I'm at my house. but the mark has started disapearing alot. I got it checked out at the doctor and they called it a hot water bottle burn and told me it would disapear gradually.

Thankfully my boyfriend didn't pick up this stupid habit. But part of my fear of cold is, I hate going outside without a coat, although I am starting to get better, Its been really sunny here the last few days, and I have gone out most days with only a demin jacket on.

I will never forget last summer, I was going to the city centre to do some shopping with my sister and out of habit i grabbed my coat ran out the door found it was roasting but I didn't want to run back and drop it off, also i was thinking it would be cold at night time, Anyway I never lived it down, My sister always jokes me, "Sarah where's your coat?"

But my boyfriend is just as bad, everyday last week he wore his coat because when hes in the shade he felt freezing,  so were a right pair lol. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

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I wish you could have a relationship without money, and most importantly without talking about money. It would just make life so much more easier, no fighting no arguing, I think it would erradicate a lot of meaningless lovers tiffs.

Me and my boyfriend have this problem we both know exactly how much we both get per week, Which then makes spending the money uncomfortable. We get faced with questions like,

Why did you buy that sneaky doughnut before work instead of eating breakfast? HELLO BECAUSE I WANTED TO.

Why did you get a take away today? you know your wasting money? BECAUSE I FINISHED LATE AND WANTED IT.

Why did you buy the more expensive cigarettes and waste our money? (I don't smoke my boyfriend does)

If we both were completely oblivious to each others finances we wouldn't have to worry about having the answers to these questions.  Yesterday for example I started the day with 150 Euro in my purse, by tonight i had 100.  My boyfriends like where did 50 euro go?

Cough medicine, (still suffering from the flue)

Spot cream (Tea tree witch Hazel spot wand)

Cinema tickets

Bus ticket

Train tickets

Take away

2 work lunches

Face wipes

a bottle of coke

and maybe a bunch of other things i forgot

But in my opinion its my money its my problem if i spend it on a load of unneccary crap. You know how my parents deal with this crap? They both have separate bank accounts. They never explain what happened with there money. Thats the way I want to be one day. just like them. I pay for certain bills and my husband would pay for other bills and no questions would ever be asked. How do you guys deal with this? There has to be other easy solutions.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Flu Strikes- 5 Tips to make you feel better when you have the Flue/Cold

I am not sick often but when I get sick I get dreadful, the same as my Mom, I hate being around my Mom when she catches a cold or gets any type of illness, because she becomes so moanyyyyy and so whineyyyy you just want to get the hell out of the house.

But you know what I think I am taking after her :( I caught a cold on Friday and it got progressively worse and peaked on Monday and now I think I'm on the mend, but my boyfriend has been bearing the brunt of it, I feel totally incapable of doing anything other than snuggling up in bed after I come home from work. I swear today and yesterday I have used a whole roll of toilet paper on my noise and coughed umpteen times and continue to sneeze non stop.

So I have decided to put together a list of Tips to make you feel better when you have the flue

1. Get comfy, Its time to take out your blankeys and favourite cushions and curl yourself up on a sofa and watch TV and relax

2 Get fancy tissues, explurge a little, try and get the softest and most prettiest tissue, so that you won't end up looking like rudoloph. Today I wore a red cardigan to match my red nose lol

3 Avoid bright red clothes stick to pale colours and most importantly dress confortabley, this is the perfect time to wear pyjamas all day if you please

4 Get to bed early and have a good nights sleep

5 Eat salted olives

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I miss you allright?

Despite the title this is not the typical I miss a certain person type of post, although up until today I have been denying myself the feeling of missing Guo Zhi Bai who moved back to China last December. The last time I saw him we had a Japanese Lunch together, a Bento lunch box. then he left, and then I didn't hear from him until I saw a facebook update, "Guo Zhi Bai is now in a relationship with Gillian Jiang" Then i deleted him from my mind and never thought twice about calling him. I have a boyfriend he has a boyfriend the end of our story.

The other thing was, I knew if I called he was going to keep asking have i found a job yet? and the embarrassing but honest answer was no. So as the saying goes out of sight out of mind,

Then last week I started my marketing internship and today I suddenly remembered him and the things he used to say, When I was applying for my masters course, I suggested to him that I might like to do a marketing masters and he told me that one job he could never see me doing is marketing and here I am doing marketing. I think he would laugh his head off. Then I wanted to call him and did it and got his voice mail. although I have to admit it was probably one AM over there, probably not the best timing.... but still no answer,

I am still contemplating calling him tomorrow when I am on my lunch break or maybe in the morning on my way to work. But how do you start a conversation with someone you haven't spoken to for an embarrassing 5 months?

other things I am going to be missing for awhile are the following TV shows, All there season finales are rearing their ugly heads

The Vampire Diaries


Gossip Girl

Once Upon a Time

Secret Circle

Desperate Housewives (OVER FOREVER)

But all is not lost I have found some new distractions

The Clientlist


Pretty little liars (returning in June :D)
So plenty of things to distract me lol