Sunday, November 17, 2013

Love thy Objects

Seemingly these days you can literally tie the knot to anything you fancy, Animism or Objectum Sexuality (sounds Kinky) yes there is a word for it is taking over, so all those leftover men or women around the world, there is still hope for you,

Why not go "Green" and have a "green wedding", like this peruvian actor Richard Torres, who is now the proud husband to not one but two trees Greedy or what?, his newest tree spouse is named Aliehuen Nehuen, Don't they make a cute couple?
Or this woman Linda Ducharmein in Florida who recently just renewed her to vows to her ummm loveable Sky Diva Ferris Wheel, who she has nicknamed Bruce, You can watch her renewing her vows in a new Documentary "What" on Logo tv in which she gifts her Ferris wheel with a pizza. Heres a little snippet of there love story she met "Bruce" when she was 22 and it was love at first site she joined the traveling carnival to be with him 24/7 as his operator, They were together for 4 years until a tragic storm knocked him to the ground and he was shipped away to be repaired and they were separated for 25 years and were finally reunited,
One Woman Erika, married the Eiffel Tower, but these people especially the women are not to be ridiculed or laughed at and should be sympathized with,  I think if people research into these Objectum sexual they will find out that these people have very difficult and troubling pasts, with various kinds of abuse, parental issues, and in a way these are inanimate objects they are in love with are pacifiers things that comfort them and won't hurt them, Watch her documentary here 
There are many more things that people have married including themselves, Perhaps i will make a continuation blog post another day. There are plenty of documentaries to watch about this new sexual preference, and my feelings is since they are not hurting anyone else they shouldn't be stopped but i do think that they deserve human companionship who will care for them and love them. Its exactly like an addiction people can be addicted to anything and always the extreme ones are some type of conforters to help people deal with a difficult past. So really they need psychiatric help. 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Died in Vain

As humans we are very very selfish, and that is why Global warming is happening and nobody cares, Animals are becoming extinct and nobody cares, well obviously we have more important things to worry about like making ends meat, and getting food on the table for our family and of course money, Your health is your wealth has been flushed down the toilet, nobody cares about the planets health or what will become of the planet for our future generation? will there be any animals left? 

I just read an article this morning that kind of shocked me, "US crushes 6 tons of "blood ivory" that would be approximately 2000 elephants, I just don't see the logic of crushing it all, why would they do such a thing? I know the selling of ivory is banned and for good reason because this type of confiscation is what they are trying to avoid, they don't want to find 6 tons of ivory, but i feel now that they have found it, and since there is no way of rebirthing all these elephants, surely they can find some practical use of this ivory other than just feeding 6 tons of ivory trinkets and tusks into a giant industrial blue rock crusher? 

Couldn't they sell off the ivory trinkets made out of elephant tusks and raise money to protect the elephants that are still alive? Crushing all this ivory won't do anything in terms of stopping the trade in ivory or preventing elephants from being killed for there ivory tusks? In fact i predict that another 2000 elephants are going to die as a result because these people who trade in ivory and killed all those elephants will just go out and do it again. 

The money that could of been earned had these ivory trinkets been sold could have been used to educate the buyers and sellers of ivory and teach them about the damage they are doing to the worlds wildlife, 

How many animals are going to be put into extinction as a result of greed, lack of education and just downright stupidity? We have already lost 

The West African Black Rhinoceros, 
Simmilar to the elephants, Hunted for its horn which was believed to have aphrodisiacal powers, 
The Mammoth

I just think they should have come up with a better solution. Destroying the ivory is just going to fuel a bigger desire to get it. This year alone 35,000 elephants have been killed for there ivory and that is a low estimate so this 6 tons of ivory crushed is just a drop in the ocean and does nothing in terms of discouraging ivory trade. 

So what is being done with all this illegal ivory that is being traded, The chinese in particular are making chopsticks, buttons, hair pins, spear tips, bow tips, needles, combs, buckles, handles, billiard balls, and of course the most modern use as piano keys. .

Up until quite recently there was no alternative to be used instead of ivory in pianos but nowadays there is, so there is no excuse for animals to be senselessly slaughtered for essentially just there teeth when there is a manmade alternative. By forbidding the trading in it, just makes it even rarer and more sought after. its just a vicious circle

Finally lets not forget the other animal long being killed for its ivory tusks elsewhere the Walrus

Saturday, November 9, 2013

What an Odd Day

Did you notice anything weird about todays date? 9/11/13?? Well that happens to be 3 consecutive odd numbers in a row thus making today Odd day! So heres your excuse to:

High Five everyone! 

Wear Odd Socks 

Watch Oddities

Plan your funeral with a fantasy coffin 
This one would have to be for me you have no idea what a big coca cola fan i am. Apparently custom made Fantasy Coffins are hugely popular in Ghana, Where the custom originated with most of the population being christians or traditional worshipers,  Ghanians in particularly from the Gu tribe treat death as a celebration of people moving to the next world and they specially design coffins to suit peoples habits or interests, for example if someone loved traveling they would be given a plane coffin or if they loved smoking a cigarette coffin. During a Gu funeral, the coffin is transported around various villages with the aim of confusing the spirit so it cannot return and haunt its friends and relatives 
Paa Joe in Ghana is the current mastermind behind this Kane Kwei was the original founder, and there is due to be a new documentary to be released called Paa Joe & The Lion named after his Lion Coffin fit for a king. 

Last but not least go Sea Odder spotting

Not only are these little guys are uber cute but they are also helping to save the world one meal at a time, by helping to reduce the effects of global warming, The Sea odder is heroically saving the world by dining on sea urchins which love to feast on vital CO2 absorbing kelp beds

Don't you just love trivia??

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Don't Judge a book by its cover.

Can Love overcome anything? like age, distance, race, hieght, weight, or even size? In fact can friendship overcome these mentioned issues? Since I finished my internship in February I must admit I threw myself head first into the world of chatting, I don't neccessarily think its the best of hobbies and I am not sure if I would reccomend to many people to get involved, but if you have time on your hands then why not, My intentions were only ever to make friends, regardless of age, distance, race, height, and so on...

But with all my good intentions I never thought I would form such a close bond as I have with my friend Arlene from America, I really learned a lot from her, whether it was a deep insight into Jamacian culture, before i had no idea what language they spoke, or that they even had a language, but they do, Patois, pronounced Pathwa. I also learned about Jamacian folklore such as the White Witch, I even found out about the various scams that people in america face, and the strong desire of people to get there "American Dream"

But it left me wondering does it really exist, or is it this ellusive thing you just keep seeking and will step over anyone to get it, People who come from various different backgrounds have a right to love and happiness just as much as anyone else and shouldn't be exploited. Theres more to people than whats on the outside. 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

I do,

I do, I do, I do, 
lol, wedding season in Ireland, On Tuesday I attended my chinese friends wedding, it was the first Chinese wedding i have ever been to. But actually not only that it was only the second wedding i have ever been to, The first wedding I went to strangely was my Granddad and Grans Wedding. My Granddad got remarried aged 80. Your never too old to get married I guess. 

Anyway this wedding was something of a conundrum for me and my boyfriend, First off was the gift we had to give, €200. The system for gifts for the chinese weddings just seem like madness, What you give depends on the friendship and what you give you will receive at your own wedding. 

When we arrived at the restaurant we were given a Tiny red envelope to put our money in by, what can only be called the Best Man I guess, There wasn't really grooms men and bridesmaids or anything like that. Then we put our money in and handed it in to the 2 Chinese Girls sitting at a type of reception table.

Once that was done a long night was to begin, we sat down and had to wait for all the guests to arrive, and of course most of them were fashionably late and by the time food was served, we were all starving lol. There wasn't a scrap left at the table. Waste not want not. 

When the food and games were over, My friends kids were starting to get tired and wanted to go home so my boyfriend suggested i should go home with her because he was going to stay and go to KTV with some of the wedding group.  

Monday, June 24, 2013

Growing through changes...

Well its one thing to look young and another thing to feel young and then to actually be young. Yesterday my little brother the youngest in the family returned from his holiday in Spain with his girlfriend, Although he is the youngest in the family, he is no longer the little brother he used to be. he is all grown up. 19 years old at 190cm tall, and me 24 at a measly 160cm. 
Me and My brother back in 2007 in France
My brother in 2007 in France
Me, Mom, Brother, His Girlfriend, My sister September 2012
Me (looking scary) and My brother on my birthday April 2013

In he came with his suitcase full of all the stories of his holiday, the mistakes he made the trips they took  and so on, It made me nostalgic for my first trip i took without my family to China, I can remember the ups and downs and everything, the argument i had with my mom the night before i flew, the wonderful sights and i saw there, the excitement. 
Me in China, The year of the OX

But there is one thing i feel guilty about, it only dawned on me just now while typing this. Yesterday when my brother got back the first thing my sister said is "Iain where are our gifts?????" that was the most important thing for her, when i went to china i never bought a specific gift for her. II received a lot of jewelry when i was over there and i told her to pick what she liked. I  don't know why, and I think in her own way she still resents me for that in her own way. Its never ever came up. 

My brother produced 4 purses our of his suitcase, and handed me the white and pink one, and then took out 3 similar looking dark rustic coloured purses and handed them to my sister and told her, You. Mom, and Grandma can fight over these. 

I know myself i am probably the easiest person to shop for because if its pink i will love it lol! Anyway I have learned that the most important thing for people is gifts you can give to them and doing it right, putting a bit of thought into the gifts you give even if its just a trinket is important. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Forgive and Forget

Hi Everyone, 

Greetings from Ireland, let me wipe away the dust and grime from my keyboard and computer screen, I literally can't remember the last time I wrote anything here, The year of the dragon and the year of the snake have not been kind to us, Especially the Snake and that is supposed to be my year after all i was born in the year of the snake 1989. 

I don't want to write this post and fill you all with doom and gloom, but sometimes you just have to accept reality, I remember when i started this blog my biggest worry was to sort out my boyfriends visa problems and we accomplished that paid the solicitor fees, and now we have even bigger hurdles facing us. I hope were going to be strong together and tackle them. 

I know most of the people who read this blog are interested in Asian/ white female relationships, but you know in reality there actually not that different from any ordinary relationship, you still face the same issues, All girls want security and to feel safe, and to live debt free and to be able to trust one another. 

People make mistakes you have to forgive them, if your in it for the long haul. which i hope i am.