Friday, September 2, 2011

What's next?

I handed in my last two assignments on Wednesday afternoon, One was a book review and i swear to god, it nearly killed me. I hadn't written one since I was in primary school and that was probably only on a short little children's novel. But this weeks one was on an Academic book of about 500 pages.

I stupidly only started it on Monday, definitely cutting it short. I spent Monday and Tuesday in the library from 11-5 both days. Mainly because of a huge Library fee that I am trying to avoid paying.

What happens to a library fees after you finish college? does it just keep going up and up and then they eventually come to your house like a loan shark and start taking away your stuff? or will it just disapear like my student number when I am no longer a student?

Anyway I spent Monday doing everything else except the book review, I listened to music, texting I went on facebook, I checked emails, I went on ebay, I researched hotels in cork :) On Monday we are going on a short trip to Cork to celebrate me finishing college, Does anybody know anything interesting to do in cork?

So basically Monday was completing unproductive and full of procrastination, then on Tuesday I finally settled down and got somewhere and thank god I was able to hand it in on Wednesday ^^

After I handed it in I had to rush like a mad woman to catch my bus and make it back to Bray for my Brothers, girlfriends Debs before party at her house (for all my American readers the Debs or the Debutant Ball if you like is the Irish prom )
heres me in my Debs dress with my sister ~!
Me with my date lol
Me and my date at the other Debs~

I loved my dresses especially the pink one I wanted to be a princess, the only thing i was missing was a tiara.

Anyway enough about me the real centre of attention should be Katie my brothers girlfriend she looked gorgeous, and my brother didn't scrub up to badly haha! here are some photos

 Me, My mom, my brother, Katie (Brothers girlfriend) and my sister

The movie star pose~~!!

I think going to the debs with a boyfriend is a lot more enjoyable than going with a random guy friend you don't know to well. Like what I did I wish I could go back and time and bring my now boyfriend >.<

I will end this with the big question on everyone's lips, What now? Degree, Masters complete. Time to enter the big bad world.


  1. Funny, you're finishing college but I'm starting it on Wed.

  2. wow cool what are you going to study?

  3. I want to study history, sociology and diplomacy (that kind of stuff) but given the job market, computer science may be a more secure choice