Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Oh how time flies...

I never planned for this blog to be so spaced out, when i started it I was updating it like literally everyday and then as time went on I started slacking and slowly but surely started posting nothing, but I am hoping to revive this blog again. :) And yes! I am still wrapped firmly in my Chinese leaf, 
Michael and I in Xiamen

I just came back from a rather long holiday in China, I was over there for 3 months! Some may think thats crazy, even i think saying it out loud is a little crazy, but it was a good learning experience I got to experience really living in China, doing normal day to day activities, the ups and downs of traveling, seeing lots of beautiful scenery, celebrating Chinese New Year the list could go on and on. And i can now speak Chinese, not brilliantly but at least have a conversation, do some haggling. I kind of miss speaking chinese all the time, but i do love my own home comforts, TV in a language i understand fully, my family... being able to do whatever I want. 
Me in a restaurant in Fuzhou

So during my travels I visited Hangzhou, Xiamen, Yiwu, Fuzhou, Putian, Fuqing, and then i lived in a small village near Fuqing called XinCuo for most of my trip. so basically all in the South of China, All the cities were different in their own ways.

 I had a lot of firsts over there my first time on a speed boat, a first time on a two people bicycle, first time rowing a boat, first time letting off fireworks and so on 
Well i think the pics all speak for themselves we had a wonderful time over there and can't wait to go back, but that won't happen for sometime, have to get back to work and saving repaying debts and so on. 

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