Sunday, November 17, 2013

Love thy Objects

Seemingly these days you can literally tie the knot to anything you fancy, Animism or Objectum Sexuality (sounds Kinky) yes there is a word for it is taking over, so all those leftover men or women around the world, there is still hope for you,

Why not go "Green" and have a "green wedding", like this peruvian actor Richard Torres, who is now the proud husband to not one but two trees Greedy or what?, his newest tree spouse is named Aliehuen Nehuen, Don't they make a cute couple?
Or this woman Linda Ducharmein in Florida who recently just renewed her to vows to her ummm loveable Sky Diva Ferris Wheel, who she has nicknamed Bruce, You can watch her renewing her vows in a new Documentary "What" on Logo tv in which she gifts her Ferris wheel with a pizza. Heres a little snippet of there love story she met "Bruce" when she was 22 and it was love at first site she joined the traveling carnival to be with him 24/7 as his operator, They were together for 4 years until a tragic storm knocked him to the ground and he was shipped away to be repaired and they were separated for 25 years and were finally reunited,
One Woman Erika, married the Eiffel Tower, but these people especially the women are not to be ridiculed or laughed at and should be sympathized with,  I think if people research into these Objectum sexual they will find out that these people have very difficult and troubling pasts, with various kinds of abuse, parental issues, and in a way these are inanimate objects they are in love with are pacifiers things that comfort them and won't hurt them, Watch her documentary here 
There are many more things that people have married including themselves, Perhaps i will make a continuation blog post another day. There are plenty of documentaries to watch about this new sexual preference, and my feelings is since they are not hurting anyone else they shouldn't be stopped but i do think that they deserve human companionship who will care for them and love them. Its exactly like an addiction people can be addicted to anything and always the extreme ones are some type of conforters to help people deal with a difficult past. So really they need psychiatric help. 

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