Saturday, June 23, 2012

How to deal with a rude coworker.

I  realize my last post was a little childish so I have decided to remove it, So what if there is someone in work who doesn't like me and enjoys making me uncomfortable. I am an adult I have to get over it and be the bigger person. So bashing her on my blog and making up a rude nickname was just not the way to go. I know that. Yesterday I got home from work and I just had to vent. But now its out of my system and I have decided to turn the negative into a positive.

Here is my How To guide, How to deal with a rude coworker.

Step by Step
1. Firstly be objective, make sure its not you overreacting Be honest with yourself about what's really annoying you and look at it from both of your perspectives. If you do a thorough examination you can judge whether your irritation is due to a difficult person or your own sensitivities. I have been told in the past I am very sensitive. I can cry at the drop of a hat. But in my situation I know for sure this person is being difficult and rude with me on purpose. 

2.Once you have established there definitely is a problem, try your best to spend as little time as possible with this person. Whenever you have the opportunity choose to work on projects with other people in the organization, and just stay out of the rude coworkers path when you can. In my work we have an open plan office. So basically 99% of the time I have to be in the same room as her. But even still I try not to engage with her unless I have to..

3. Always remember to remain calm when your coworker is being rude. Drama and high emotions in a workplace never go well together. Keep your tongue in check at all times and always stay graceful. "Always choose composure over emotionalism," Newman says

4. This is a very challenging thing to do and I think it takes a bit of dutch courage, but more often than not, communication is the way to go. You need to talk to your rude coworker face to face. You need to have a conversation regarding your coworkers rudeness and discuss the truth of the matter that her rudeness is making your job, and your life, harder this may be the only solution. But be sure to be positive during this conversation and ask her to give you some suggestions as to how you can help strengthen the relationship rather than just throwing out insults.

5. Stick to your guns when you deal with a rude coworker. Don't try to be boo nice or overly easy going, as this usually leads to you getting walked all over and perhaps even more rudeness from her. Thrust me I found this out the hard way.  Don't get me wrong do smile, do be cordial, but definitely do not become a doormat

6. Take a holiday. or if your like me and you can't take a holiday make the most of the time when they go on holiday. If you find the problem has seeped into your home and private life, you need to step away. Taking a holiday is even more important when like me, you are forced to sit in an open plan office and have to work with her all the times I mean I can't even have lunch, make a personal call without her interfering.

7. This is difficult but try to refrain from sharing work place gossip especially when you work in a small office. This person may irritate the crap out of you and many other people in the office, but lunch time bashing is not the way to go. If possible meet outside of work if you really feel the need to discuss this person's rudeness with others.I should practice what I preach in terms of this step. 

8. If the problem continues for a prolonged length of time and is a constant distraction to your work, then it is time to take it up with the manager or someone from HR. This will help you document your rude coworkers behaviour. 

Lastly remember "They're rude because of something that's going on with them. Don't take their behavior personally," says Scott Eblin,


  1. Wonderful post, I love how you put it so eloquently.

    BTW. O-M-G... YOU ARE BACKKK!!! I can't believe you are back! After almost 6 months no post, I had given up hope! I am so glad you are back. I really enjoy reading your blog because its filled with funny and creative pictures! Please keep posting. There are a lot of fans out there like me I am sure! (BTW, ever think about opening a Youtube Channel? Did you know you can now monetize on Youtube for your videos? They removed the Youtube Partner restriction so now ANYONE can become Youtube partner and collect ad revenues for their own videos. I am sure with your funny blog/vlog, it can be a hit!

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