Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Grab a doughnut or a bagel what the hell?

When I was in UCD, I didn't really eat lunches there, only on the odd occasion because my time table was always just morning or just evening classes so I didn't really have full days, most of the time I would just buy the odd snack here and there like Crisps, Choclate, Sweets and a few toasted wraps here and there.

But when I was in the National College of Ireland, It was in the city centre, and I had so many options for lunch like the Bagel Bar, Subway, Centra, Spar, plus the college's canteen.

Now I'm working the only places around are Centra, A Chipper, and 4 Star pizza. Basically since I started here I have nearly got something from the Centra Delli everyday like wedges, Chicken, Cheese, Onion panini and now I'm bored. Today I had Chipper food and I still felt bored, I didn't want to get a pizza cause I thought it would be weird and plus I'm not mad on pizza.

Now I'm trying to think of things I could bring to work, Once my boyfriend gave me rice, and fried chicken in a lunch box,  another time he gave me fried pork and vegetables.

But  I think part of the challenge is I'm fussy as you all remember from my foody issues post.

Speaking of food did you know the first Friday of June was The National Doughnut day?  Whats your favourite type of doughnut? Mine is absolutely Boston Cream!!! Yum Yum!


  1. My office didn't serve any doughnuts on Friday. :(

  2. You still have Spar supermarkets? We don't have them anymore in Finland, I guess some other supermarket company bought them. Spar remind me of my childhood when they still had a separate colder room for vegetables and fruits.