Saturday, June 16, 2012

Yes to Having babies lol

Have you ever heard of the Brand Yes To? I heard it was really popular in America, In Ireland it is still fairly new, But I like the idea of it, its all natural and not very expensive.
Yes To Carrots Everywhere lol

So far I have just tried the Yes to Blueberries Face wipes. They smell really nice.
Yes To Blueberries Everywhere

I also tried the Yes to Carrots Hand and Elbow Lotion and the Yes to cucumbers day cream.

My Favourite was probably the Yes to cucumbers Day cream, When I put it on I could literally feel my skin tingling. I want to get to try more products.
Yes To Cucumbers Everywhere

I heard of their other range Yes to Tomatoes, but I didn't really feel very enticed by it, because I hate tomatoes, the smell of them the look of them everything. So I wouldn't want to buy a product associated with Tomatoes lol. But I am sure its probably just as good as the others.

Yes To Tomatoes Everywhere!

But the thing that really caught my eye in the store the other day was Yes to Baby Carrots! Oh my god!!! It has the cutest images on it. If I have a baby I definitely want to use that. Check out the cute images i just want to squeeze their cheeks.

Yes to Babies Hopefully not everywhere lol
A half korean/half white baby isn't she gorgeous?

While creating this post and searching for images I came across a new AMWF Blog
Alternative Housewife

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