Saturday, August 18, 2012

Don't do it!

I repeat don't do it, under no circumstances help a friend get a job in the place where you work, I honest to god don't know what I was thinking, me and my big mouth.

Back in June I met up with my friend the same friend from "Break ups suck especially over Facebook" She was in the middle of doing a Fas Computer course and she was telling me she is having difficulty finding work experience (now I am not surprised why......) and I stupidly blurted out, why not try my work, they are always taking on Interns, at the moment there is me and the 2 French girls....

She straight away thought this was a great idea, and even me at the time thought it was a great idea, how cool would it be to work with one of my old good friends? Surprisingly uncool as i later found out.

The very next day she applied and two days later she was invited to an interview. During those two days I mentioned the idea to my mom and my mom told me its a very bad idea... too late. She had got the work experience and was due to start the first week in August.

So from June to August I brushed the whole thing under the table and pretended it hadn't happened. Then the weekend before she was due to start, I started to get very nervous. What was I thinking? Everything she does is going to reflect back on me... Oh god, Oh god. I couldn't talk to my boyfriend or mom about it because I knew they would all say its my own fault.

Her first day went fine, but I knew by day 2 I had made a horrible mistake, Day 2 first thing in the morning she text me, "Hi i know this sounds bad but can you tell the boss I am sick today?" It definitely sounded bad and i decided right then and there i am not getting involved so I text her back and told her to call the boss herself because A were both adults and its not school, and B I absolutely wanted to distance myself from the whole fiasco.

Since day 2 she has proceeded to take sick days, I'd say she's taken more sick days than the whole company worth of people put together.

So there you have it, never ever work with friends. I will bear this in mind when I start my own company one day LOL.

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  1. Great post! LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!!
    Keep it up !! BTW, did she get fire in the end?