Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Don't Judge a book by its cover.

Can Love overcome anything? like age, distance, race, hieght, weight, or even size? In fact can friendship overcome these mentioned issues? Since I finished my internship in February I must admit I threw myself head first into the world of chatting, I don't neccessarily think its the best of hobbies and I am not sure if I would reccomend to many people to get involved, but if you have time on your hands then why not, My intentions were only ever to make friends, regardless of age, distance, race, height, and so on...

But with all my good intentions I never thought I would form such a close bond as I have with my friend Arlene from America, I really learned a lot from her, whether it was a deep insight into Jamacian culture, before i had no idea what language they spoke, or that they even had a language, but they do, Patois, pronounced Pathwa. I also learned about Jamacian folklore such as the White Witch, I even found out about the various scams that people in america face, and the strong desire of people to get there "American Dream"

But it left me wondering does it really exist, or is it this ellusive thing you just keep seeking and will step over anyone to get it, People who come from various different backgrounds have a right to love and happiness just as much as anyone else and shouldn't be exploited. Theres more to people than whats on the outside. 

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