Saturday, November 9, 2013

What an Odd Day

Did you notice anything weird about todays date? 9/11/13?? Well that happens to be 3 consecutive odd numbers in a row thus making today Odd day! So heres your excuse to:

High Five everyone! 

Wear Odd Socks 

Watch Oddities

Plan your funeral with a fantasy coffin 
This one would have to be for me you have no idea what a big coca cola fan i am. Apparently custom made Fantasy Coffins are hugely popular in Ghana, Where the custom originated with most of the population being christians or traditional worshipers,  Ghanians in particularly from the Gu tribe treat death as a celebration of people moving to the next world and they specially design coffins to suit peoples habits or interests, for example if someone loved traveling they would be given a plane coffin or if they loved smoking a cigarette coffin. During a Gu funeral, the coffin is transported around various villages with the aim of confusing the spirit so it cannot return and haunt its friends and relatives 
Paa Joe in Ghana is the current mastermind behind this Kane Kwei was the original founder, and there is due to be a new documentary to be released called Paa Joe & The Lion named after his Lion Coffin fit for a king. 

Last but not least go Sea Odder spotting

Not only are these little guys are uber cute but they are also helping to save the world one meal at a time, by helping to reduce the effects of global warming, The Sea odder is heroically saving the world by dining on sea urchins which love to feast on vital CO2 absorbing kelp beds

Don't you just love trivia??

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