Sunday, June 30, 2013

I do,

I do, I do, I do, 
lol, wedding season in Ireland, On Tuesday I attended my chinese friends wedding, it was the first Chinese wedding i have ever been to. But actually not only that it was only the second wedding i have ever been to, The first wedding I went to strangely was my Granddad and Grans Wedding. My Granddad got remarried aged 80. Your never too old to get married I guess. 

Anyway this wedding was something of a conundrum for me and my boyfriend, First off was the gift we had to give, €200. The system for gifts for the chinese weddings just seem like madness, What you give depends on the friendship and what you give you will receive at your own wedding. 

When we arrived at the restaurant we were given a Tiny red envelope to put our money in by, what can only be called the Best Man I guess, There wasn't really grooms men and bridesmaids or anything like that. Then we put our money in and handed it in to the 2 Chinese Girls sitting at a type of reception table.

Once that was done a long night was to begin, we sat down and had to wait for all the guests to arrive, and of course most of them were fashionably late and by the time food was served, we were all starving lol. There wasn't a scrap left at the table. Waste not want not. 

When the food and games were over, My friends kids were starting to get tired and wanted to go home so my boyfriend suggested i should go home with her because he was going to stay and go to KTV with some of the wedding group.  

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