Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Me and my boyfriend are in the middle of a tug of war fight. As I mentioned last week one of his friends, who had been living and working in Galway has moved to our town. Its like "The Prodigal Son" has returned, whatever he says is right. Frankly I am over it already.

The first day the "Prodigal son" returned we invited him to our apartment for dinner and to have a chat about how he is finding the new job. After the first day he didn't like it.

He also didn't like our apartment, "its too small, Its too cold, Its old, blah blah blah." We have been living here for almost exactly a year and personally I think its fine. Not amazing, or marvelous but for the price, Its convenient and handy.

The next day my boyfriend said we should find a house to share with "The Prodigal Son" and his other friends family because they also want to move. My first reaction was NO, Primarily because

1. I like living here alone, not sharing the bathroom, kitchen or anything like that. A house you have to share a toilet with 5 other people, imagine how long it would take to wait for our turn in the shower? We would always have to be careful what clothes we wear in the house. Ultimately we have to answer to somebody for everything.

2. All his friends, that he is thinking of moving in with are Chinese... He argued that it would be a good opportunity for me to improve my Chinese. but I think that's a very feeble argument because he rarely translates anything.

3 Another part of me thinks that if he is living with his friends he will completely ignore me.

So far we have viewed 2 houses, one unsuitable and a second one that could be suitable and a studio apartment which is in a odd location... I'm rooting for the studio apartment despite the location. Were going for our second viewing of the studio apartment tomorrow so fingers crossed.

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  1. Wow, seriously? I would never live with my friends and take my girlfriend into it with me, period. There would be no privacy! What is he thinking?!