Sunday, May 8, 2011

My fear got the better of me

Sorry for the long absence I have just been mega busy with exams, projects and moving apartments but most of that's over now except for the moving...

I think I mentioned it briefly before, but I have an absolutely horrible fear of dogs, sorry too all my dog lover readers, I don't mind looking at cute dog pictures, or seeing a dog on the street on a lead. I have absolutely no problem with that.

In fact there are a few dogs that I have grown to like, it just takes time for me to get used to them like my cousins dog, I am ok with it, I wouldn't bring it home with me but I can deal with it.

But when it comes to big dogs running around me going berserk I completely lose my head. This is exactly what happened tonight.

This week one of my boyfriends friends got a new job in our town and me and my boyfriend were trying to help him settle in and find a new place, We found a house and went to have a look at it. The plan was we would meet the owner in front of the Superquin bus stop and then he would show us the house.

When we got to the bus stop the first thing I saw was a greyhound leaping around like a maniac, my first reaction was oh my god I want that dog as far away from me as possible then the owner of the house started to lead us towards the house and the greyhound ran around us about 10 times. I was starting to get more and more unconfortable and I asked my boyfriend could we just wait at the bus stop while his friend looks at the house.

You think that would of been the logical thing to do because the house is not for us. But no he wouldn't, he got angry and told me to go home, I was so furious and felt he was being completely unreasonable and the other thing that really annoyed me was that both his friend and him and the owner were laughing.

Then when he got home he tried to explain to me that if he didn't go into the house he would be a weak man. well now you are just a selfish man. I just felt so disrespected, I always avoid putting him in uncomfortable positions.

The icing on the cake was when he said "now we can't go anywhere because I will be afraid there will be loose dogs there to scare you". I said your being out of proportion, if it was somewhere that we have to go that's important, then i would just deal with it. But if its something that is not important like why do I want to see your friends perspective house? he eventually agreed I was right.

I am still not happy, but I will come around, he's still in the dog house,

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