Sunday, May 22, 2011

Que sera, sera

I'm back from my brief blog hiatus, I just had to take some time out mainly because we had to move house and it took us awhile to get the internet set back up. First things first we didn't end up moving in with my boyfriends friends. I think we made the right decision although our new place is quite small. Its essentially a studio apartment. Its rather basic and I'm surprised we were able to find a place for all of our 15 bags of stuff.

Yes 15 bags! My boyfriend couldn't believe it, before he used to be able to move with just 2 bags, he couldn't understand how I could possibly have increased it to 15. Its surprising what people accumulate over a year.  We brought clothes, laptops, shoes (obviously) and then I don't know what the hell all the other junk was!
Although I said I won't be going on holidays this year.... because I will be stuck in summer school... I have managed to squeeze a short break in! I will be going to Tuscany, Florence in Italy for 10 days with  my family! The funny thing about my dad picking Italy is that, My boyfriends sister lives in Italy. I have never met her before though, but my boyfriends hopeful that I may be able to meet up with her while I'm over there.

A few weeks ago I mentioned that my boyfriend was trying to find a new job and may have to move to another town... however he fortunately found another one close by so that didn't happen. but sadly there's rumors going around that the boss of the new restaurant has huge debts and could close at any minute. So he may have to go job hunting again. Just as we thought things were settling down.

Also we finally submitted our application, its all signed sealed and delivered and we have decided whatever will be will be. If its successful we will start planning and saving to go on a trip to China, If it is unsuccessful we will move to China. and apply again from there. My boyfriend is preparing for the worst and has been trying to force me to speak Chinese with him which is really difficult since I am still more or less at beginner level anyway Wow! big choices and decisions. 

However on Friday we realised there is another complication with the application, We have to submit more docmentation @.@ Including my passport which I am not very happy about, apparently they will send it back as soon as they have finished examining it. I am worried I won't get it back in time for my holiday The holidays already been paid for and we must submit these documents within 21 days. The solicitor told me that I should get it back after 7 days. But its not guaranteed. Hope for the best.

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  1. I had no idea you and your boyfriend must go through so much! Are you trying to get a visa for him to stay around or are you trying to get married and get him a visa? The immigration system here in the U.S. is a bit different but it's difficult as well. It took my cousin 2 attempts and 2 years of trying before she could get her husband over to the U.S. I wish the best for the two of you. I hope things will work out!