Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Series of unfortunate events

This post is a week late and its kind of referring to last weekend, I just didn't have time to write the post, with all sorts of things going on. @.@ Let me give you a quick catch up, I started Chinese classes almost 4 weeks ago,

Its something I have been planning to do for almost 2 years and a half on and off, the closest I ever got to Chinese classes before this was Rosetta Stone, I have to say despite the benefits of having a real teacher, not a computer or my boyfriend, I have to say Rosetta Stones pace is probably more suited to my pace.

So far what I have learnt is very basic, but you have to start from the bottom, to get to the top. Anyway everything was going oh so smoothly until the day after our "Commitment Anniversary" Michael gave me a Mylo and Friends duck and new slippers, He abandoned the paper theme, but i went all out I gave him eddible money, a bookmark, and a love letter and chocolate money, 

Michael cooked me a big meal on the night

Sea food chowder soup for the starter

Mash salmon and fried parsnips for the main course

Banofee pie for the dessert.

It was all yummy! We had a very nice night and felt very romantic we lit candles and drank sparkling rose wine. 

But the next day it might as well not of happened, I went up to my house to find out, my sister's boyfriend just broke up with her, and she was seriously heartbroken, 

Then I found out that my brother had gone and broken his arm, not from some macho sport like rugby or  football, but from doing a backwards running race with his friends @.@ boys are crazy!!!

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