Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What a coincidence!

Next Sunday will be me and Michael's commitment anniversary. I guess it sounds weird but I don't know what else to call it. But anyway we have chosen a theme for our gifts to each other, I know how organised are we. We chose "Paper" which is kind of a coincidence since I have just recconnected with my old love of snail mail and penpalling.

Actually I have been having a number of coincidences lately. On Wednesday, I met my friend Guo Zhi Bai in Dublin city centre and I hardly ever get to see him because he is so busy with his life and his job and his studies and his badminton and everything else, you name it, he's probably busy with it. So we finally arranged to meet up on Wednesday and we headed to Super Mac's had a nice chat then off we went to the cinema.

We bought our tickets to see "Crazy Stupid love" When I was in the bathroom I checked my phone. My former classmate had text me and thrust me, he had been keeping quiet for the last 6 weeks, I had no idea where he was or what he was doing. He's another one of the busy sorts.

He text me to say "what a coincidence, I saw you with that basketball boy" him and Guo Zhi Bai don't get a long. Naturally I was shocked and was thinking how did he see me, but I didn't see him, My eyesight isn't that bad... right. I tried calling him no answer so I left it.

But the other weird thing at the cinema is we bought Diet 7UP in Spar rather than in the cinema to save money, I know were stingy students.

When I sat down I put my Diet 7Up in the drink holder beside me the lights went off and by accident i hit my bottle, I heard it land on the floor, I used my phone as a torch light to try and find it, because there's no way it could have gone far, but no luck.

So after the movie when the lights came on me and Guo Zhi Bai searched again and still couldn't find it. It was weird maybe the 7UP fairies stole it. Or maybe this was a punishment inflicted by the cinema owners for being stingy.


  1. Hi! My name is Mayje from swap-bot. Advance happy commitment anniversary to you and your partner! I also love snail mail and being in swap-bot made me fulfill that activity. Have a nice day!

  2. I am enjoying your blog- nice set up- love the fish-
    youngeclecticimages from swapbot