Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Its amazing the amount of habits you pick up from your spouse when you live together, All my life I have always had a fear of the cold, which I found out today is called Cheimatophobia. Weird never even knew it was a real phobia, but its true I absolutely hate being cold, 

This has caused me countless problems in the past, for example my heat rash on my back, I got into the habit of leaning against radiators in my house on cold days, somedays I would do it with a cushion behind me but other days not, It made me feel really comfortable and toasty most of the time, occasionally I'd feel over heated and move away, but most of the time i could handle it,

But at the end of the winter of doing this. My mom one day noticed a black bruise on my back, and was freaked out. I tried to insist it had always been there but of course it hadn't this was about 3 years ago I think. Tattoo desires never died lol

Anyway the next winter came and I continued doing it and never got the thing checked out.  It didn't hurt. But then I started going out with my boyfriend about 2 years ago and it was the first thing he noticed, I told him it was a birth mark, and he didn't ask too many questions, then we started living together and we have no radiators in our apartment, 

so the habit has almost died down although occasionally I still like to lean against radiators when I'm at my house. but the mark has started disapearing alot. I got it checked out at the doctor and they called it a hot water bottle burn and told me it would disapear gradually.

Thankfully my boyfriend didn't pick up this stupid habit. But part of my fear of cold is, I hate going outside without a coat, although I am starting to get better, Its been really sunny here the last few days, and I have gone out most days with only a demin jacket on.

I will never forget last summer, I was going to the city centre to do some shopping with my sister and out of habit i grabbed my coat ran out the door found it was roasting but I didn't want to run back and drop it off, also i was thinking it would be cold at night time, Anyway I never lived it down, My sister always jokes me, "Sarah where's your coat?"

But my boyfriend is just as bad, everyday last week he wore his coat because when hes in the shade he felt freezing,  so were a right pair lol. 

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