Monday, June 24, 2013

Growing through changes...

Well its one thing to look young and another thing to feel young and then to actually be young. Yesterday my little brother the youngest in the family returned from his holiday in Spain with his girlfriend, Although he is the youngest in the family, he is no longer the little brother he used to be. he is all grown up. 19 years old at 190cm tall, and me 24 at a measly 160cm. 
Me and My brother back in 2007 in France
My brother in 2007 in France
Me, Mom, Brother, His Girlfriend, My sister September 2012
Me (looking scary) and My brother on my birthday April 2013

In he came with his suitcase full of all the stories of his holiday, the mistakes he made the trips they took  and so on, It made me nostalgic for my first trip i took without my family to China, I can remember the ups and downs and everything, the argument i had with my mom the night before i flew, the wonderful sights and i saw there, the excitement. 
Me in China, The year of the OX

But there is one thing i feel guilty about, it only dawned on me just now while typing this. Yesterday when my brother got back the first thing my sister said is "Iain where are our gifts?????" that was the most important thing for her, when i went to china i never bought a specific gift for her. II received a lot of jewelry when i was over there and i told her to pick what she liked. I  don't know why, and I think in her own way she still resents me for that in her own way. Its never ever came up. 

My brother produced 4 purses our of his suitcase, and handed me the white and pink one, and then took out 3 similar looking dark rustic coloured purses and handed them to my sister and told her, You. Mom, and Grandma can fight over these. 

I know myself i am probably the easiest person to shop for because if its pink i will love it lol! Anyway I have learned that the most important thing for people is gifts you can give to them and doing it right, putting a bit of thought into the gifts you give even if its just a trinket is important. 

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