Friday, November 15, 2013

Died in Vain

As humans we are very very selfish, and that is why Global warming is happening and nobody cares, Animals are becoming extinct and nobody cares, well obviously we have more important things to worry about like making ends meat, and getting food on the table for our family and of course money, Your health is your wealth has been flushed down the toilet, nobody cares about the planets health or what will become of the planet for our future generation? will there be any animals left? 

I just read an article this morning that kind of shocked me, "US crushes 6 tons of "blood ivory" that would be approximately 2000 elephants, I just don't see the logic of crushing it all, why would they do such a thing? I know the selling of ivory is banned and for good reason because this type of confiscation is what they are trying to avoid, they don't want to find 6 tons of ivory, but i feel now that they have found it, and since there is no way of rebirthing all these elephants, surely they can find some practical use of this ivory other than just feeding 6 tons of ivory trinkets and tusks into a giant industrial blue rock crusher? 

Couldn't they sell off the ivory trinkets made out of elephant tusks and raise money to protect the elephants that are still alive? Crushing all this ivory won't do anything in terms of stopping the trade in ivory or preventing elephants from being killed for there ivory tusks? In fact i predict that another 2000 elephants are going to die as a result because these people who trade in ivory and killed all those elephants will just go out and do it again. 

The money that could of been earned had these ivory trinkets been sold could have been used to educate the buyers and sellers of ivory and teach them about the damage they are doing to the worlds wildlife, 

How many animals are going to be put into extinction as a result of greed, lack of education and just downright stupidity? We have already lost 

The West African Black Rhinoceros, 
Simmilar to the elephants, Hunted for its horn which was believed to have aphrodisiacal powers, 
The Mammoth

I just think they should have come up with a better solution. Destroying the ivory is just going to fuel a bigger desire to get it. This year alone 35,000 elephants have been killed for there ivory and that is a low estimate so this 6 tons of ivory crushed is just a drop in the ocean and does nothing in terms of discouraging ivory trade. 

So what is being done with all this illegal ivory that is being traded, The chinese in particular are making chopsticks, buttons, hair pins, spear tips, bow tips, needles, combs, buckles, handles, billiard balls, and of course the most modern use as piano keys. .

Up until quite recently there was no alternative to be used instead of ivory in pianos but nowadays there is, so there is no excuse for animals to be senselessly slaughtered for essentially just there teeth when there is a manmade alternative. By forbidding the trading in it, just makes it even rarer and more sought after. its just a vicious circle

Finally lets not forget the other animal long being killed for its ivory tusks elsewhere the Walrus

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