Thursday, May 3, 2012

Be my Sugar Mama!!!

You know how all races have these cute ego booster phrases like
Once you go black you never go back,

Once you go asian you never go caucasian 
Hwang Chan Sung

I am sure there are loads more. But these are the ones that spring to mind. Well a few weeks ago a friend of mine started going out with an African guy (Lets call him Tyson lol I have a crush on Tyson Beckford lol)  It was her first time dating someone African so obviously there is a lot of culture things that I am sure she knew nothing about. (Bear in mind this guy is not African Irish, He was born and raised in Ivory Coast and emigrated to Ireland.)
The Game

I am not saying she is saying I will never date another person from another race again. This isn't the interesting thing. What I was shocked about was that up until this Tyson had only been dating Sugar Mamas. I don't want to say the more up to date cougar, I just think it sounds seedy.
Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

But for example Tysons last "girlfriend" or Sugar Mama was 50. To put it in perspective my friend is 23. Tyson is 27. I am not saying this is anything to do with race, I know for sure there are some young irish men with older women. But to be honest I don't know any of them. I guess there kept a secret. 

The thing that makes me feel unconfortable is the age difference between Tyson and the last Sugar Mama was 23 years and my friend is 23. Its like he's been dating the mom now he wants the daugther. It feels perverted. I am sorry if I sound ageist. 

I don't know what the right response should be. Why is there no cute ego booster phrases for men who like sugar mamas never going back. Does anyone know of any cute ego booster phrases for this? I don't know who I feel worse for. The sugar mama who has been dropped for someone half there age.  Whatever happened to Wine tastes better with age....

But then again are Sugar Mama toy boy relationships ever going to be long term? Would you be comfortable dating someone who used to date Sugar Mamas ? 

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