Sunday, May 13, 2012

Whats in my make up bag?

I recently started an internship with a cosmetics distributor company. When I say recently I mean Tuesday this week. I will be the first one to admit that I am not exactly the most cosmetic savvy people around. I mean I usually wear very minimalistic make up. Basically just Foundation, Lip gloss, blusher. Occasionally I wear eye shaddow and I don't really like mascara because I wear contact lenses  and sometimes I have to rub my eye and then that would mess up my mascara. @.@

I guess now that I am working for a cosmetic company I need to start caring more about my make up and appearance. Today the most embarassing thing happened :( Someone from the sales team said I look like a child. like 12 years old. Oh my god. like half my age so now i have decided its time for a complete make over. Its time to seriously consider updating my make up and make up bag.

Slowly but surely I am going to build up the perfect make up kit but before I start I will show you whats in my current bag and over time as I add new things I will update it here.

Bourjois Blusher

Revlon Colour Stay foundation

Rimmel longer lashes mascara

Bourjois silver eye shadow

Bourjois biio detox organic foundation

Benefit Blusher

Sally Hansen Lip gloss

Revlon lip stick

I was a Fake tanning virgin until Wednesday this week, I went to a St Tropez training event and learned about all the different products. Then on Thursday I recieved some free samples and yesterday I decided to try them out,

I tried the St Tropez Wash off self tan bronzing lotion and St Tropez perfect legs spray, but personally I still consider myself a fake tan virgin because I definitely need more practice!!!

For years I have clung on to my youth and never really wanted to look older like most girls, because I am not interested in smoking or drinking. So I never really needed to try to look older, but lately things have been slowly creeping up on me, I am kind of getting tired of people having disbelief about my age. I think its time for me to grow up and start looking my age. I said it to my boyfriend and he said he hates girls who wear to much make up and says don't wear any of that brown stuff (foundation) just stick with rosy cheeks and pink lips. But thats just juvenile.

Some graduation pics
Me and Michael

Me and Ming

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