Saturday, May 26, 2012

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I wish you could have a relationship without money, and most importantly without talking about money. It would just make life so much more easier, no fighting no arguing, I think it would erradicate a lot of meaningless lovers tiffs.

Me and my boyfriend have this problem we both know exactly how much we both get per week, Which then makes spending the money uncomfortable. We get faced with questions like,

Why did you buy that sneaky doughnut before work instead of eating breakfast? HELLO BECAUSE I WANTED TO.

Why did you get a take away today? you know your wasting money? BECAUSE I FINISHED LATE AND WANTED IT.

Why did you buy the more expensive cigarettes and waste our money? (I don't smoke my boyfriend does)

If we both were completely oblivious to each others finances we wouldn't have to worry about having the answers to these questions.  Yesterday for example I started the day with 150 Euro in my purse, by tonight i had 100.  My boyfriends like where did 50 euro go?

Cough medicine, (still suffering from the flue)

Spot cream (Tea tree witch Hazel spot wand)

Cinema tickets

Bus ticket

Train tickets

Take away

2 work lunches

Face wipes

a bottle of coke

and maybe a bunch of other things i forgot

But in my opinion its my money its my problem if i spend it on a load of unneccary crap. You know how my parents deal with this crap? They both have separate bank accounts. They never explain what happened with there money. Thats the way I want to be one day. just like them. I pay for certain bills and my husband would pay for other bills and no questions would ever be asked. How do you guys deal with this? There has to be other easy solutions.

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  1. How about you promise to buy things you need instead of things you want and ask him to quite smoking?
    Money may be the first thing couple argue about, I think. The money you share is the asset for both of you. Better safe guard than wasting?