Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A male friend

During the past few months away from my blog I did a series of courses, My chinese course, I am now on Level 3, My boyfriend says I am now as good as a senior infants child. basically a kid who is in their second year of primary school.

My French friend from class said my boyfriend has a great way of complementing people lol. But I took it on board as a good thing. Anyway other than that friend the rest of the people in my Chinese class are much older than me.

But asides from that course I also did a CV and interview skills course and that course had more people my own age, including one guy who went to school with one of my old friends and at the beginning of the course I talked about my boyfriend and how I was learning Chinese.

But at the end of the course this guy Johnathon, asked me for my phone number and I was a bit surprised to say the least but didn't see any harm in it. I come against this situation so often, people sometimes men or women asking me for my phone number and i don't particularly want them to have my phone number. What can i do or say? sorry I don't have a mobile, sorry i don't think its appropriate for you to have my phone number? Then I just seem like a big bitch. 

But within a few days he was texting me and asking do I want to meet up blah blah.  out of politeness and thinking theres no harm, I met him in dun laoighraire, and it was going fine, we were having a nce chat, then he started trying to pay for things for me and then alarm bells started ringing and I had to get out of there. Then we ended the meet up with a hand shake which was a bit weird, Then after that day I started avoiding him as if he had the plague.

Then I was at my families house on Friday chatting to my mom and told her about what happened and my mom said Sarah you have to be more careful, A man and a woman can never remain just friends ever. To me this statement seems terribly old fashioned. I mean its the 21st century surely a man and a woman can stay just friends if they want. 

I don't often talk about Africans in my blog but recently I was talking to one of my african male friends. The topic of female friends came up and he said no matter whether a woman is married, single, separated, divorced. If a male and a female are in a house together alone something is going to happen. He personally doesn't allow his girlfriend to have any of his friends numbers, in case there is temptation. In particular African male friends. I really thought this was too extreme.  (By the way we weren't alone lol)

My boyfriend doesn't mind me having his friends numbers because he knows nothing would ever happen with them but he hates other strange men he doesn't know having my number. Its funny how different cultures see things. 

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  1. First of all, so glad you are back! I've missed reading your stories. Anyways, I personally agree that if a man and a woman want to be just friends, they can do it. Most of my close friends are women and my fiance do not get bothered by that. As far as strangers go, I wouldn't give anyone my own number unless it's for business or it's a friend's friend. Just my two cents!