Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Damn you Census!

It's Census time in Ireland at the moment, well I suppose technically it was during the weekend, but ours still haven't been collected... Our appartment is a bit off the beaten track... so perhaps its never going to be collected which makes it even more annoying GRRRR!!

Well the main reason it was annoying was because it was so bloody long... and very very personal. which I suppose it's supposed to be. But the incredibly annoying part was the following question

How would you describe your health?
(a) Very good
(b) Good
(c) Bad
(d) Very Bad

No sooner had I picked very good, then I suddenly came down with a horrific sore throat. Damn Census!! Now I know the census didn't give me the sore throat, I just feel like it jynxed me, in general I am very healthy. I don't normally get stomach aches, vomiting or anything like that.

But anyway I have identified the main culprits who caused me this misery, Polish, not Polish people, polish food, On Sunday night, me and my boyfriend decided to stay at home and watch a movie, Alice in Wonderland.

we wanted to get some snacks and we thought we would be adventurous and try polish snacks, OK I lied we thought we would be lazy and go to the polish shop across the road. We bought Polish digestive biscuits and Polish loop crackers. Don't ask me the names because we threw them all in the bin..

Word of warning when you eat polish snacks don't eat too many in one go. Especially when you don't know whats in them. That was our biggest mistake. We just munched on them for the whole movie and then the next morning we woke up and OH MY GOD our throats were so sore.

So my boyfriend decided we would go on a hot food free diet, no oil, no spices, no meat. Just vegetables and fruit. Thrust me not Yum.

Yesterday I was starting to feel a lot better, then last night I made a huge mistake we went to the pub and I had 2 bottles of Smirnoff ice WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?? then I woke up this morning and I can't speak.  So its pretty quiet in our apartment right now... I also have a meeting later at college, I might have to bring my boyfriend as a spokesperson

Does anyone know what to do if the Census man forgets to collect your Census form?? I'd feel terribly guilty if we made the official count inaccurate. 4 million people + 2 forgotten people so sad lol


  1. u cud get fined for not turning in ur census. like £1000 in England. don't know about in Ireland. cud it b 1000 euros?

  2. I don't know but I mean the census man never called to our apartment or the other 2 apartments in our house, (our apartment is in a converted house) We know this for sure because when he was delivering the census forms our neighbour was out and he left a note for them saying something like "I am the census man and I called by earlier and you weren't here I will be back tomorrow"

    Anyway I want to hand it in because it's filled out, but I don't know where to hand it in, if i don't give it to the usual census collector. Hopefully we won't get a fine.

  3. yea the census thingy's a bitch. I think u can fill it in online tho. Then u get a ref no. If anyone troubles u, just give them that no. and it'll be cool

  4. Thanks!! The census was collected today!!! Panic over hehe!!