Monday, April 25, 2011

Bits on the side of China

This morning I just read a post about marriage in china on the Speaking of China blog and what it can often consist of Money. Home Car. It reminded me of what happened to my poor friend Wen xue,(Teddy)  I have known this guy for about 2 years now. He is an honest, hard working guy and he is from the same city as my boyfriend. Anyway his mom decided that he was 24 and it was time to start thinking about marriage.

So when he flew back to China at Chinese New year, his mom introduced him to one of her friends daughters they soon clicked and he brought her to Singapore to meet his Dad and that went well. 

Then shortly after he had to return to Ireland to finish his education, I think this was the biggest mistake he made, because we all know long distant relationships don't work out well, but they usually work out surprisingly well for Chinese couples, as I mentioned before in the American dream post. I don't know whether couples just turn a blind eye to anything that may or may not happen in the long years of absense or what.

But anyway Teddy had only been back in Ireland for about 2 months when his girlfriend (fiance) rang him and said she had fallen in love with somebody else. This wouldn't of been so bad, only the guy she had fallen in love with was 40 years old. His girlfriend was just 21.

He straight away he booked a flight back to China to try and plead with her. He promised he would never leave China again, he told her how much he loved her, there may have been crying.

But no the girl was not to be won over, this guy dispite his age had money and thats all she could see. It didn't matter how good or honest or hard working Teddy was her mind was made up.

I asked won't she feel ashamed? you introduced her to your parents and everything, What about her parents? surely they will stop her. No they are happy this guy has money. What about the guy, he must be married already? It doesn't matter he has money that's all that counts.

This is not the first time I have heard this sort of story. My boyfriend has 3 friends who own a snooker club Xin Yue Entertainment, and would you believe 2 out of the 3 have long term girlfriends of 7 years and also have a bit on the side. and the bits on the side know about the girlfriends and have in both case met the girlfriends, and the poor girlfriends are oblivious to the whole thing. The guys who own the shop have money and that's all that counts. That's seemingly enough for the bits on the side.
Personally I have always been of the opinion, if a guy cheated on me with a one night stand, I wouldn't want to know. but an arrangement like this is just horrible.

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  1. Oh, What a poor guy. Bless him............Harrist.