Thursday, April 7, 2011

Break up's suck, especially over Facebook

I have joined and abandoned so many social network websites starting with Bebo, Myspace, Friendster and the latest Facebook. I think Facebook is by far the most personal and nosy social network I have ever joined. On Facebook you can find out everything and anything about a person. Which is good and bad.

Recently it's been bad,

One of my good friends has been with her boyfriend for the last 3 years, in the past they used to write on each others walls things like "I love you so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" or "I love you, you are the best boyfriend/girlfriend everxxxxxxxxxxxx"

which is quite romantic and maybe a bit over the top and just a bit embarrassing and sickly, but who am I to say, my boyfriend doesn't even have Facebook, He uses the Chinese equivalent RenRen which is incompatible with Facebook itself, So maybe I am just jealous that I don't get this kind of Facebook affection.

But anyway personally I have no problem with any form of PDA. and Facebook PDA is the same as any other type. But PDA in my opinion is just for kids to show off, but as you grow up you realise somethings are better off to share with just the 2 of you and not the whole world.
So in the last couple of months all the I love you's and best boyfriend/girlfriend statuses and wall posts stopped.

In the past 2 months things have changed to Public Display of Hatred (PDH). It started off with "Why are all men so unreliable"  to more recently "knight and shining armor my ass" basically the tone of the statuses have stepped up a notch.

Basically the 2 of them are not in a happy place and need to break up, and posting all these PDH statuses is not going to change reality. The first time I saw the PDH status I rang her imediately to find out what happened she complained and was angry, but then in less than a day everything was back to happy clappy, I met them on the street holding hands.

Then a few days later more PDH, and then more happy clappy times. But this weekend was crunch time. I saw the update "went from being in a relationship to single" which was followed by even more PDH such as "can you die from a heartbreak"

At times like this I am so glad me and my boyfriend don't flaunt our relationship over Facebook. Sometimes its better to keep things private. Sure relationships are important but at the end of the day you need to retain some dignity during the break up.

Anyway everyone handles a break up in their own way. Sometimes you have to vent your anger. I hope my friend will be ok.  If your interested in reading about Facebook queries check out this blog Proper Facebook Etiquette, it's quite amusing


  1. That kind of stuff scares the bejaysus out of me. I just cannot understand what's with the oversharing on facebook. You don't go up to an acquaintance on the street and say 'how's the relationship going'? But some people will put all their private thoughs on facebook - and that's a bad thing.

  2. This blog includes lot of private related issues regarding the relationship among the people, which seems to quite interesting but posting more kind of this on facebook should be avoided little bit.