Thursday, April 21, 2011

Security Alertt: Bomb in Dublin

Monday was D-day for my big Global competitive strategies presentation. For the last month or so, me and my group have been working our ass off researching Korean conglomerates such as Samsung, LG, Lotte group etc. in particular their presence in the medical sector.  we were trying to find a potential partner for an Irish medic company who sells sleep monitoring equipment, random I know, but seemingly very high tech.

Anyway after hours of practicing our presentation on Sunday afternoon and editing the report, we felt we were as ready as we would ever be, and agreed to meet one final time on Monday at 1pm to do a final run through and then we would do the presentation in front of the teacher during the class, which was between 1.30-3.30.

So on Monday I got up at a normal time and headed to Bray DART station (Train station) at around 11.30. bought my ticket, sat down as normal, train zoomed off. Then we got to the second station and there was an announcement
"This train will terminate in Dun Laoighraire, the buses will accept train tickets"

This didn't phase me too much because I know there are lots of buses going from Dun Laoighraire to Blackrock where my college is. However when we got to the third stop Dalkey, (where my Grandma used to live before she bought the apartment) a quiet little village with not much in it, just some restaurants, a few pubs, cafes, post office, newsagent and a castle.

Another announcement

"This is the last stop, the train is terminating and will go back to Bray, You can use your train tickets on the bus"

I knew I had 2 options one go back to Bray and wait for a bus, but I didn't have my timetable and the Bus only comes every 40 minutes. the other was to stay put and wait for a bus in Dalkey and take my chances. In hindsight I think I should of gone back to Bray.

Anyway a big mass of people (mostly tourists) headed to the bus stop. Despite going to Dalkey so many times to visit my Grandma, I had never once tried to get a bus, and I now know why.

We waited and waited and waited and by 1'oc there was still no sign of a bus. I text all my group mates and told them what had happened and that I would be there as soon as possible... Then I heard one lady with her granddaugter saying they were going to get a taxi to Dun Laoighraire. I was so desperate at this point I didn't care about the cost. I just wanted to get out of there. So I asked could I join them.  so did a polish girl.

No sooner had we arrived at the taxi rank, we saw the bus whizz buy us. SHIT, then we waited what felt like another hour for a taxi to show up.  The taxi cost 2.50 euro each which was actually much cheaper than I expected. By the time I arrived in Dun Laoighraire it was 1.40pm I waited and waited for a bus  and there was no sign I was so close to trying to get another taxi when eventually at 2.10 the bus showed up. I arrived at college at 2.30 during the class break. Then next up was our presentation.

When I got home from college I found out the reason for all the cancellations. Apparently there had been explosives found in Dun Laoighaire which potentially could have gone off. The gardai (police)  army squad all had to come disarm it.

Better late and safe than sorry.

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  1. Yeah, better late than sorry. Glad that you made it on time. Life always mocks us. Whenever you are in a hurry, you won't be able to find a single bus or taxi. But when you are not in a hurry, a convoy of buses will be waiting. It is worse here in Malaysia. Public transport here, especially the buses are a joke. They don't follow schedules. At least the problem you encountered was because of a bomb scare, not not an everyday affair.