Saturday, April 9, 2011

Girl Crushes

Recently I was reading A chick Named Hermis's Blog, she did a post about Girl crushes, basically she said people tend to have a girl crush on a girl who is supposedly a better version of you...I never thought about it that way before but when I started thinking about some of the girl crushes, I have had over the years, It suddenly made me think that may be true.

One of the first girl crushes I can remember is Lashontae Heckard, a half Korean/half African hip hop model. The first time I saw her I thought she was so beautiful and one of the things I liked about her was that she was a plus size model in other words normal average sized person with a full figure. Also she had the same size boobs as me and almost the same height as me. I'm 5ft2 shes 5ft3 She is also an Aries like me! Here are some photos of her. You can find her bio here

You may recognize Lashontae Heckard better from Busta Rhymes feat Mariah Carey "I know what you want"
Another girl crush is Hannah Murray who plays Cassie from Skins. I love that show!!! Although I did like it a lot more when I was a bit younger, it is still fun to watch sometimes. I think I prefer the original characters with Tony, Sid, Cassie etc. But anyway I haven't watched much of the most recent season, in fact I have only seen one episode... not because I didn't like but rather because I didn't have time but I plan to watch more of it when I have free time once I finish this semester. Anyway I liked Cassie because she was funny and quirky and a bit daft and loopy at times, I liked her free spirited nature. I also think her style was always very funky.

 I love her smile!
I am really glad her acting career didn't end after they changed characters...She recently stared in a new movie called chatroom which was rather freaky

The cast of Chatroom

I also fell in love with Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter series. I loved her when I read the book and I loved her character even more when she came into the movies. She so pretty, I also like the fact that the actress Evanna Lynch who plays Luna is Irish.

Finally the last girl crush I will mention is Little J aka Jenny Humphrey played by Taylor Momsen from Gossip girl I just love her style  I was so disappointed when I found out she was kicked off the show! Damn real life persona lol. Apparently she's in a band The Pretty Reckless so we definitely haven't seen the last of her Here are some photos

Even with cartoon characters I have always liked the blonde characters lol In the powerpuff girls I always liked bubbles (the one with blonde hair blue eyes.) I used to be super crazy about the Powerpuff girls I even had a Powerpuff girl handbag!

More recently I like Rapunzel from Tangled
So almost all of them have curly or at least wavey hair like me, although they all have a different colour hair colour, I have always been interested in dying my hair possibly blonde but have never got around to it. Maybe some day....


  1. that was an awesome selection