Friday, April 8, 2011

College BBQ

Previously I blogged about my college ball a few weeks ago about the room and ticket issues. And I swore to god I would never lose another ticket and I would guard any tickets with my life. 

So this week the Smurfti college BBQ tickets went on sale in college. Surprisingly they were very reasonably priced just 5 euro each.

My whole class was planning to attend it, so I decided to buy a ticket. This time I was extremely careful not to put it somewhere where my boyfriend would think it was rubbish or Junk mail or an advertisement.Thrust me despite what anyone says the Smurfit Ball ticket looked like an ad rather than a ticket. So I can't blame my boyfriend 100% for throwing it in the bin.

All week i protected and hid the ticket and kept it out of harms way. Then tonight was D-Day. I carefully brought the ticket to college in my bag and after class I headed to the BBQ ticket in toe. and I saw some of my friends and said "What should I do with my ticket?" mmm nothing.....


actually I only had to show it once to claim a free beer. I don't even well hardly ever drink beer. I was able to go and get BBQ food as often as I liked without being requested to see the BBQ ticket I was even able to take some home.. 

But to be honest I don't think Smurfit BBQ was a good name for the event, because I actually didn't see even one barbeque, so I am actually not even certain they cooked the food on a barbeque... because all the food was already prepared when we arrived... and throughout the night the food was continiously topped up so we never ran out of food. Basically it was like a bbq food buffet.
They had BBQ Chicken wings, Burgers, Vegetable Kebabs, Chicken Skewers Wedges and Salad.

However despite the relaxed attitude about the tickets, I was still proud of myself for not losing or forgetting or mislaying the ticket!
Unfortunately I don't have any photos of the BBQ at present I never thought of bringing my camera with me, but luckily some of my friends did... so I will have some photos in the next few days.

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