Friday, April 22, 2011

"Just pretend were on a ship"

Today we went back to hating our neighbours and believing that they are anti social lunatics. 

These days I am super busy with college work and catching up with all my dramas *^_^* 90210, Gossip Girl, Nikita, Desperate Housewives there all showing new episodes each week.  So I am super happy about that but not so happy that I chose last night to do the catching up....

90210 i am loving the new coupling this season 
Ivy and Raj

Naomi and the nerd
Navid and Silver
I went to bed at 2AM last night then my boyfriend woke up at about 7.30 because he couldn't sleep because it was too hot, we have no Air con here. So he got up had a drink a snack then got back into bed at about 8, half an hour later. 

Drilling, Banging, Hammering, Sawing you name it began in the apartment directly below us. 

What the hell are they doing? When our landlord told us they would be installing a new window we didn't imagine it would mean they were actually going to be cutting out a piece of the wall to create the new space for the window as well.

My boyfriends solution was to "Just pretend were on a ship"

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