Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Yesterday was really crappy and depressing when my boyfriend returned from his friend's snooker club Xin Yue Entertainment, We had a huge big dinner of pig ear (believe it or not it actually tastes surprisingly good and is also surprisingly big @.@) and a pink Chinese fish, We still haven't found out what the fish is called all he could tell me was it was a very expensive Chinese fish... Does anyone have any ideas?
 How cute!! I don't want to eat them

After the dinner I watched a Korean Drama that I am glued to these days, My Princess. My boyfriend says Korean dramas are hopeless there all about unrealistic and unbelievable love stories.... Its never going to happen...I thought we could try watching some taiwanese romantic dramas instead but....  He prefers to watch Chinese dramas about the war or ancient times.... so we both sit together watching separate shows lol.
 Every girl dreams of being a princess....
Omg this is why girls watch Korean dramas lol!!! If there were semi naked girls I bet my boyfriend would be enticed lol.

Then just before I was about to go to sleep he dropped a new bombshell on me... He is planing to move to the countryside to work in a Chinese restaurant as a kitchen porter, because he isn't making any money in his current job because his hours keep fluctuating :(

After that I couldn't sleep a wink I know technically its probably the best way for him to make money since in a Chinese restaurant they don't pay you per hour but, more so by week so regardless of whether the restaurant closes because its not busy you still get paid the same amount and often they provide you with accommodation and food so it eliminates a lot of expenses. However when you average out the wages by day, its often below minimum wage. Also the workers have a reputation of being Illegal, No English, and over worked and not paying taxes.

Ultimately I am trying to encourage him not to go, purely because its a bad environment to enter. and maybe because I'm selfish. I just don't want him to go. I want him to just persist at trying to find a new better job in my town. Also I strongly believe that all restaurants go through a lull period in January and February because people have no money after Christmas... But come spring everyone will be out drinking eating and being merry! and his working hours will go back to normal! Anyway for now I have to prepare for the worst...

There will be light at the end of the tunnel!

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  1. I know what you're talking about. My boyfriend just got a new job and left. The job is in the same city where we live but he will work such a long days and it's little bit far away so he will stay at the workers' apartment. I don't know when he has a chance to come back home to see me.I really don't like this but there is really nothing we can do.