Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lazy me!

Guess where I am going to be spending Summer this year?

Portugal or Spain?

Camping in France? would you believe I have never truly been camping before, Apparently it's too low end for my parents. They want guaranteed sun and absolutely no risk of rain. Perhaps some day me and my boyfriend will go proper camping with a camp fire, toasted marshmallows and a tent and sleeping bags and blow up camping beds.

Sailing around Europe?

None of the above, I will be attending summer school, for the first time in my life, well thats not entirely true, when I was in my final year in Secondary school my Parents (Mom) sent me to some intensive 2 week Irish courses and 2 week french courses during the summer. But I was still able to go on holidays somewhere even if it was just to England or Wexford in Ireland.

But this summer school is self inflicted, I was given the option to choose the colossal thesis or to do Summer School, and I opted for the easier of the two.

Well I didn't just opt for the Summer School because I am lazy but also because I wanted to get to see my friends during the summer, and the vast majority of my college friends are doing Summer School,
Secondly I didn't like the idea of being left to my own devices to do a whole 100 page+ project on my own, with no input from anyone. If it had of been a disertation which involves a group of 5 doing a thesis style project I may have considered it.

Thirdly the lecturer who is supposed to be the Thesis is a terribly intimadating lecturer and although she appeared to like me during some classes at other times I really disliked her class, she always used to put me on the spot. Like suddenly throw a question at me without me putting my hand up. Then making me feel embarassed/

Fourthly I think having 4 months to do a project would make me put it on the long finger and keep saying ah I have plenty of time.... then in the end I would be rushing like mad. I like deadlines.

Anyway today the Module registration for Summer school began today and it seems like we have 8 options.
  1. Inovation Networks.
  2. Cross Cultural Management
  3. Technology Management and Inovation
  4. Organisation renewal
  5. Managing of Banking Institution
  6. WEGE (World Enterprises,Globalisation, Europeanisation,)
  7. Corporate Governance
  8. Managing Learning in an Organisation
So far I am thinking of the pink ones. But I can change anytime before the summer term starts.

{Has anybody reading this done a thesis? and would you recommend it? Am I lazy?]

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  1. I HATED doing my thesis and I was a whizz at all other course assignments! I'd absolutely take the summer school!