Thursday, August 25, 2011

Birthday distress

Its almost my boyfriends birthday, we are celebrating his birthday according to the lunar calender this year, because apparently his family always celebrated that way and he was working on the day of his actual birthday and i didn't even get to see him :( but never mind.

To be honest my gifts for him have always been a bit hit and miss. The first year we were together I bought him a wallet while I was on holidays. But he didn't like it >.< it was a bit too fat... it couldn't fit in his pocket properly

Then for his birthday last year i gave him some Aftershave and shaving lotion, I thought it was a nice set. He uses it sometimes but I still think it was a bit soso.

Then for Christmas I gave him a Tshirt.

Then when I was in Italy this summer I brought him back a tshirt and a camera bag holder. I think the camera holder was the most sucessful gift as it was something practical that he actually needed. However it was black. so it was still a bit soso.

so basically all the gifts I have given him have been soso. So for his birthday I want to buy something a bit more special. But I don't know what to get.

If I think practically we need a mop and bucket, which would make a really horrible gift lol. lets spend your birthday cleaning lol. Another practical thing we need is a clothes horse, nothing says a great birthday gift like lets get washing lol. Another thing we need is a bookshelf, a shoe horse, a desk, a maid.
Even better a baby mop lol

I know he would really like a touch screen phone,because his phone is ancient.. an Ipad, a gameboy 3DSI would also be ideal, but my funds are lacking.

So whats left? new pyjamas, meh, shoes? maybe,

If you have any suggestions please leave it in the comments!!!

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  1. Birthday is nothing or regular day for most of Chinese. Only some big city or new generation kids care about the birthday. So, don't spend too much energy to your boyfriends birthday.