Sunday, August 21, 2011

The missing bag?

Last Sunday was Edisons farewell lunch as I mentioned but I didn't really talk much about it. We went to a buffet restaurant in the city centre called Jimmy Chungs and to be honest it generally has a pretty good reputation amongst Irish and Chinese, As buffets go it is usually viewed as one of the better ones.

However the day after the buffet I got sick Nancy got sick and on Friday Michelle told me Edison got sick, so I guess the food wasn't as good as we thought it was... but to be honest I've heard rumours about buffets, they recycle the food, if there are food left over one day they reheat it the next day.

Well at least thats what happened in the buffet restaurant in bray and it quickly got shut down by the Health and Safety Authority, but I guess it must b difficult to prove..

Anyway directly after the buffet lunch we were all fine and I went shopping with Edison to help him pick out some gifts for his friends and family in China, we started with the typical suvenirs shops and then gradually went to other clothes shops like Footlocker, Topman, Lifestyle sports, Champion sports, River island and unfortunately Next.

Whilst shopping he bought one of those small hand luggage suitcases which you pull along and as he bought things he put them in there which was pretty convienent. Anyway "Next" was the last shop we went into before we bought ice creams :) and he bought a lovely grey sweatshirt for 35 of the most expensive things he bought all day.

Then we bought our ice cream and went upstairs and sat down and at them.

Then we went shopping again and headed for the bus and said our farewells and I got on my bus and he got on his and I thought that would be the last time I would see him again until China. 

Then on Wednesday night at 1.30AM luckily my phone was on silent and I didn't wake up, he text me to tell me he had some bad news he can't find the grey sweatshirt @.@ he'd searched everywhere and nope!

then on Wednesday I met him in the college cantine and told me he still couldn't find it. then we said goodbye again and I said good bye to Jia Qi and went home.
Then on friday I had one last excursion with Michelle we went to see Harry Potter 8 that was my third time seeing it, but i didn't want to tell her i had already seen it... because she was waiting for me to go and see it... we went to see Harry Potter 7 together so its only right that we see the last one together. It kind of set the mood for the good bye the end of an era, end of Harry potter the end of michelle's time in Ireland.

I'll miss her

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