Thursday, August 18, 2011

See you in China~

Yesterday was a sad day for me but I knew it was coming all along, I had to say good bye to two of my good friends Edison and Jia Qi they began there journey to fly back to China at 6AM this morning. There both flying in different directions one heading South, One heading North.

But basically it is bye bye Ireland for good. Which is quite sad, but all is not lost, I still have both of them on my QQ and I will be able to keep in touch with them ^^ and I also promised I would visit them in 2012 (If were not all dead lol, you know the end of the world conspiracy? do you believe it?) Especially Edison.

Me and my boyfriend touch wood, Are planning to fly to China for Chinese new year to stay for about 2 or 3 months. This will be my boyfriends first visit back in almost 5 years. So I think it will be an emotional to visit to say the least.

But its quite lucky, Edisons city Shenzhen is very close to my boyfriends city. So no matter what I will definitely get to go there ^^ Jia Qi on the otherhand is from Jilin (similar to my sisters name Gillian hehe) I don't really know anything about that province, so if I want to go there I will have to do some research.


But since me and my boyfriend plan to spend a week in Beijing, I am sure he will be able to fly there to meet me and my friend Jin Ma who lives there)

But anyway these days the list of places I want to visit in China are escalating all the time and I am sure I won't be able to visit all of them in one trip lol. Heres the list (the top ones are the ones I definitely want to visit)

My boyfriends city obviously

Shenzen (Edisons city)

Hong Kong (Edisons city)

Bejing/ Hebei (Jin Ma's city)

Henan (Ming's city) (A new friend I don't know to well... just met him during my last summer module)

Jillin (Jia Qi's city)

Xi'an (Want to see the terrocatta army)

Hangzhou (I saw it in the drama Love Keeps going and i heard it is the paradise of China)

Hainan ( The Hawaii of China)

I'm sure by the time we book our tickets I will have added more lol and hijacked our whole trip lol!!

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  1. Sarah, if you go to Hangzhou, feel free to e-mail me for some ideas on where to go. Hangzhou is my husband's hometown (and my old stomping grounds in China). Well, it's not always paradise, but it's still a darned wonderful little city and definitely worth a visit. ;-)