Sunday, August 7, 2011

Trip down memory lane

This week has been quite traumatic for me, My sister decided that we are going to redecorate our bedroom and everything must go. So we started the massive clear out on Monday, I had to say good bye to my Sylvanian families collection, Beanie Baby collection,  Cabbage patch kids collection and Pokemon sticker collection and so on.

I didn't want to throw away anything. I wanted to keep the old battered desk and chair, the old dolls cot. everything!!!! but my sister pushed and pushed until it was all gone and until I had no choice but to accept that yes I am passed it.

But nevertheless during the big massive clear out, I did find somethings that, although they were not lost, they were forgotten and discarded such as my good old Gameboy colour, that I hadn't seen for about a century and penpal letters from when i was 15.

I held onto them. and now I think i have the penpal bug again. I think I want to start penpaling again. I haven't asked my boyfriend about it yet. But i still remember the old penpal website i used to use.

I brought my old gameboy to my boyfriends appartment and he got really excited and told me about how when he was a kid his neighbour had relatives living in Japan who sent one to his nieghbour and he begged his mom to buy one but they were always to expensive... Anyway now he has decided he wants to get a gameboy the new one Nintendo Gameboy 3DS I

I think its a really bad idea lol. He will be glued to it. and its sure to bring about a load of fights.

Anyway the decorators arrived on wednesday morning and our new colour scheme is purple. You name it, bed cover, curtains, wallpaper, chair, dressing table, mirror, lamp, lamp shade etc to be honest i didn't get much say in the matter I personally would of gone for turquoise but nevermind. When its all finished I will take a picture!

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