Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Here comes trouble

I hadn't seen my former classmate since the Smurfit BBQ and to be honest that encounter wasn't very pleasant, My friend Nancy met him and warned me against him. So after that I basically kept my distance.

Then last Friday I had a really busy day planned. In the morning I met Guo Zhi Bai at college and typed up a letter for his Dad's visa application. His Dad is planning to come to Ireland for his graduation.

Then after, we had lunch together in Super Mac's and then I rushed to Dun Laoghraire to meet my friend Anna and some other friends to go Cinema.

We went to see Super 8 and to be honest it was super scary lol. I almost grabbed Anna's arm lol. Then on the way home on the dart my former classmate started texting me nonstop to meet me, I tried my best to say no.

But he kept insisting and before I knew it, he had driven to Bray. I hopped in his car and ended up in Tallagh, eating dumplings. then he told me he opened a new restaurant in Naas with a friend from the same city and asked me would i like to work as a waitress there.

I am still musing over it but basically it would require me living with him in his house...  I haven't managed to mention it to my boyfriend yet. But i am guessing its going to make his skin crawl. He hates my former classmate more than anyone =.=;;; What to do?

I don't know how I get involved with these awkward situations

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  1. Hmmm...sounds to me he has a thing for you...