Monday, August 15, 2011

All smurfed out!

Too be honest I haven't really seen any cartoon movies that I've liked since Tangled, as Megamind was a bit of a disappointment and Kung fu panda 2 was just ok. Basically they all put me off going to see cartoon movies.

But then at the start of the summer my brother told the family that his girlfriend loves smurfs, (this was way before there was any word about the movie) then when we went on holidays to Italy, my brother spent most of the holiday buying smurf related souvenirs for his girlfriend such as

a Smurf Blanket

Smurf balls

Smurf comic books (in italian which he translated when we got home)

Smurf pencils

Smurf tshirt

Then a few weeks after we got back from our holidays and I found out that there was going to be a new Smurf movie. A smurf epidemic was about to start.

Then I saw pictures of Katy Perry at the premier where a smurf dress. Then I knew I have to see this movie! So today me my friend Nancy and Michelle went to see it. The beginning was very good, but parts of the middle were a bit boring.but overall it was pretty good.

Then after the movie we went to a korean bbq restaurant for dinner ^^ But it was a bit sad because this is probably the last dinner for the 3 of us in Ireland anyway, Michelle is going back to China for good next Sunday. Tomorrow I have another fair well lunch tommorrow, My friend Edison is going back to china on the 18th of August

 So basically I will be eating all weekend lol

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