Sunday, July 31, 2011

What was I thinking

Last Sunday when I met my Malaysian friend Danny, he gave me a job, and naturally thinking with my purse and definitely not my arms, accepted it with open arms lol. The job is to be a program seller in the Aviva Stadium during the Football festival which started yesterday.

Seriously don't know what poessessed me to take this job, like what my brother said last night "out of all the possible jobs this would be the last one that I would think you are suitable for" obviously he had great confidence in me lol.

Well to be honest I could see what he was getting at, I am not naturally a very loud person. Most people usually describe me as a quiet gently spoken person. I kind of lack the agressive features needed to sell programme books. But never the less I thought I would give it my best try and be as loud as possible.

As a matter of fact being loud enough was the least of my worries. The main problem I had was carrying the bloody programmes. they weighed a bloody ton. Worst experience of my life carrying that heavy bag/ box around.

There were 2 matches on each day. For the first match Airtricity vs Manchester city we were positioned in the worst position ever for selling and we decided we would try to move and that required having to try and shift the bag from one side of the stadium to the other. Only to be told when we got there to turn around and go back to our original positions. I wanted to die.
Airtricity vs Manchester city

Then we went back and didn't sell one programme as a matter of fact hardly a soul pasted us. The problem was our first position was actually in the stadium and there were already sellers outside the stadium so by the time they had got to us they had already bought a programme.

luckily after the match we were reassigned to a new location outside wahoo!!! which was great and I managed to sell 50 programme books I was paid on commission so its 5% per book and each book cost 5 euro. However when I went back after they gave me 20 euro which was a bit odd but nevertheless I was happy lol.

When I got home my arms were so sore. I was really debating about whether or not to go again the next day, when my friend danny text me and told me he found a wheelbarrow in his shed and is going to bring it tommorrow so we don't have to carry the heavy bags lol!!!!  what a sight we will be lol! I may take photos tommorrrow lol
Day 2 continued in the next post :)

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