Thursday, February 17, 2011

A compliment in the rain

I hate Wednesday's this semester. I have the worst class ever, International Financial Management, it is beyond boring. Part of the problem is I have absolutely no clue what the teacher is talking about, because mathematics is not my thing at all. I like theory practical stuff. It doesn't help that the teacher is Indian, Now I have nothing against Indians in fact one of the first friends I made in this college was an Indian guy Narendra.
But anyway this lecturer's manner of speaking is really slow and quiet... then suddenly he comes to a complicated term and then he speeds up and then I find out I have missed the meaning completely. Also he uses the white board a lot and writes so tiny that I can't read it, not just me everyone.

So I have almost given up on the course my only aim is to do severe cramming before the exam and hope for the best. Anyway today was even more unpleasant, not only did I have to sit through 2 hours of International Financial Management I also had to walk to and from college in the rain  and get completely soaked to the skin both times!

Anyway tonight I got the train home and got off the train in the rain and was halfway across the bridge and a girl stopped me and said "You look lovely today!" and kept walking..


Anyway it made my day! I will take any compliments girls or boys, Compliments are few and far between. Everyone is so individually focused these days, people rarely stop to compliment each other. I think people need to start making a bigger effort.

Perhaps people should make a pact to compliment one person each day, It really cheers a person up when there having a crap day.

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