Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Shopping spree

Whilst growing up, I never had to experience real grocery shopping, the furthest I ever had to lift a shopping bag was from the boot of my mom's car to the kitchen and even that rarely happened because usually my dad or my brother were told to do that because they were too heavy for me and my sister.

So the first time me and my boyfriend went grocery shopping in his new apartment I was totally shocked at the weight of the bags. Whilst we were shopping we just piled anything we thought we needed into the trolley. It didn't even enter my head that we would have to carry all of this stuff back to the apartment....

Good god stepping out of the supermarket holding two bags. I felt like i was carrying a bag of bricks. It was the most uncomfortable thing I had ever experienced. I was dying to get back to the apartment and relieve my poor arms. After that I really felt sorry for my friend Anna who's family had never had a car, so obviously this situation is very normal for her, not to mention my grandma and my aunt who also never had a car.

I really appreciate my mom's car these days. I think my family would die if we had to revert to grocery carrying, I don't think we would ever manage we would have to get a taxi for sure.

Anyway today was a normal grocery shopping day with my boyfriend and in the shop it looked like we had barely bought anything only 10 items... but obviously we were thinking with our eyes and not our hands.

On the way back i contemplated stealing a trolley,

buying a wheelbarrow,

hiring a trailer

Buy a caravan

hiring a maid

Buy a bike

surprisingly a car or a taxi never entered my head.... My boyfriends solution was for him to go to the gym and build more muscles so i wont have to carry anything,,, isn't he sweet? lol
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