Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A not so Happy Valentines Day!

To be honest I haven't been terribly blessed on Valentines day and recent years, Although I do remember last years Valentine's day was particularly special as it was the first time a boy ever gave me a bouquet of red roses.... Naturally I was over the moon!

This year I wasn't as lucky on Sunday night before Valentines day me and my boyfriend had an argument so neither of us were in the mood to go Valentines day shopping and buy candies and everything. But he did make me a handmade card which was sweet but unfortunately no candy or flowers or teddies.... Have to wait til next year...

While most couples were off celebrating Valentines day by having a candle lit dinner in an expensive restaurant.... Me and my boyfriend shared a day at the dentist! He had to get one tooth pulled out. He is definitely much braver than me. I hate the dentist, ever since i had to get 2 fillings when i was 12... I never wanted to go back.
After getting the tooth pulled out, we couldn't do anything except go home and rest. So we had a quiet Valentines day at home with a Mcdonalds take away. Would you believe they messed up my order? We only got one medium fries instead of 2! Luckily we live only 5 minutes away so i was able to go back and complain and get more :) But it was still crappy because when I got back my boyfriend was almost finished his.

After my boyfriend got his tooth pulled out the dentist gave us a list of Do's and don't

  1. Do expect small oozes of blood for 24 hours
  2. Do eat a soft diet, no hot drinks
  3. Do expect a slight swelling for up to 10 days
  1. Do not rinse your mouth for 24 hours
  2. Don't eat any spicy food
  3. and the most important Don't
  4. Don't smoke for 10 days!!!

I was so happy about the Don't smoke for 10 days! I have been encouraging my boyfriend to quit smoking almost since the first day I met him. He has had no success... So this is the perfect opportunity for him to quit. The best part about it is it is not me telling him to quit, its the dentist so I am not the bad guy :)
 However it was very short lived today when I came home from college, he was smoking, he had reread the letter and it said don't smoke for 24 hours not 10 days I really thought I had found a diamond in the rough.


  1. So your order is short and you are the one who has to go back to the shop to sort it out while your boyfriend just carries on eating his food?

  2. He had his tooth pulled out... so I had to give him some allowance to be lazy...