Saturday, February 5, 2011


I only ever failed one exam in college, a business law exam in the first semester of my first year of College. In fact it wasn't a very important exam, It was a continuous assessment and it was only worth 30% of my overall grade. Anyway at the time it didn't feel very important, The night before the exam I went to the cinema with my friend Danny to see Ratatouille. The next day we both failed the exam together.

But yet we both managed to graduate last October together with honors degrees. 
However now I am in a new college and it's result time, the set up for how the modules were assessed was totally different. Each module was made up of a series of different projects, presentations, Journal article reviews,and learning journals each contributed towards the final grade. 

However this set up made it difficult to know what result to expect as I barely got any results for any of the assignments i handed in. So I was a bit nervous to open the results, but was pleasantly surprised. 

International Business Management : B-
International Business Research: B-
Marketing in Society: B

When I first told my Mom she was like "is that it??" Yes i only studied 3 subjects... so I only got 3 results... "but you did so many assignments... " Well I guess I will never get the results for each individual project :| I'm not really happy about that, but what can I do? Nobody else will get those results either.Also my boyfriend's reaction was "how could you get a B? you never did any study for any exams???" Hello Assessments!! What were they for. In his eyes it's exams that count.
Anyway ultimately I feel totally relieved not only about my exams but also about our application, we have sucessfully got the utilty bill sorted out and have moved onto the next step.... All will be revealed after Monday...

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