Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Birthday my dear friend

Yesterday I was invited to my old secondary school friend Anna's Birthday Night out, We have known each other since we were 8 years old and we used to share everything in secondary school, She was the first person I told when I had my first kiss, She was the person I confided in that my father was having an affair, she was the person I confided in when me and my ex boyfriend were going through a difficult time. Likewise she confided in me with so much more like her engagement dilemma, boy dilemmas, family dilemmas and so on. Anyway she is one of my longest friends.
Me and Anna (2007)
However when I started college our paths kind of diverged, I went down the academic route. She struggled to accomplish her dream of becoming a childminder or a Montessori teacher. After almost 4 years of being on the waiting list she has finally got her place. Congratulations!!

So last night was her 21st birthday celebration, I am 21 as well going to Night clubs, dancing, chasing after boys should be normal for me. But it isn't I haven't been "single" since 2007. I seem to float from one thing to  the next  Anyway as a result I rarely went to nightclubs I just wasn't that interested. 
I just felt so weird going in there, having a boyfriend, not being able to engage in getting chatted up, just dancing with the girls. I felt like I was missing out on something. Anna has a boyfriend and she enjoyed herself immensely but her boyfriend was there dancing beside her..
Anna and Stephen
My boyfriend was absent :( I hope I can bring him there sometime so I can enjoy the same feeling of being with someone at a nightclub. 

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