Friday, February 18, 2011

A big McWedding!

My boyfriend's hours were cut again this week :( However one good thing came out of McDonald's messing up my order on Valentines day, I found out the McDonald's in my town is hiring! I know most people have a relatively low opinion of working in McDonald's but these days Ireland's economy has gone down the drain,

So any job is good, I thought perfect getting a job in McDonald's must be really easy, My boyfriend has lots of experience as a chef. So he is definitely without a doubt qualified. So I encouraged him to apply, But I was shocked when I saw the application process 8 pages to sift through, Personality tests, education references, question upon question It took almost an hour to fill it all out then after all that once we had submitted the application, I found out he was applicant 448!  It turns out getting a job in McDonald's next to impossible! I this is like deja vu with our other never ending visa application

Anyway if the McDonald's job application process in Ireland doesn't shock you, Then the McWeddings that have just been launched definitely will! I just found this by chance on another blog Musing Mandarin When will the madness stop!!

 McApple Pie cake!
 Strictly no alcohol, so they toast with soft drinks
McDonald's balloon wedding dresses. (photos from here)

If a McWedding doesn't tickle your fancy what about a McEngagement

(Photos from Here)

A McWedding costs HK$9,999 943.290 EURO, thats really cheap, The idea has also spread to Brittan and the USA

A McReception, American style


Would you have your Wedding, Reception or Engagment party in McDonalds?


  1. I had my 20th birthday party at Mcdonalds two years ago and it was so fun! It was an ironic spoof because at the time I was vegetarian and didn't even eat mcdonalds, all I ate was a mcflurry and some french fries. Would NEVER have mcdonalds be any part of my wedding.. funny as a joke birthday but trashy as a part of the wedding party!

  2. ireland is a small country with about 5 million in pop. it's understandable why jobs are scarce there......