Friday, February 4, 2011

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Perhaps I am super stingy and was expecting to much, or perhaps i misinterpreted our friendship, but nonetheless I felt a little disappointed and shocked.

I mentioned before I have several Chinese friends in College some are just acquaintances and some are closer than others. But anyway for the most part I usually get along pretty well with them, except for one, (Lets call her Bella) who even from the first day she met me, It seemed like she didn't like me for no apparent reason.

Actually the feeling was mutual, from the first minute i met Bella, I knew she was rather calculative as she always chose the smartest students in the class to talk to and try to get close to...  Obviously I wasn't considered smart enough to be her friend lol!

Midway through last semester Bella asked a friend of mine, Nancy can she join our project group, My gut instinct straight away was i didn't want her in our project group so i said a few polite excuses why i didn't think it would be a good idea to let her join... Such as we already have 4 members... but in the end Bella had to be in our group because there was no other group for her to join. But  perhaps my excuses about not wanting her to join got back to her and reinforced her disliking of me.

If it did she never let on and we got along quite amicably although she didn't do anything in terms of our report and was a real "Social loafer" and just rode along like a passenger and the only task assigned to her was to print out the report and hand it in to the office (in the other campus about a 20 minute bus ride away). She didn't even do that she shifted the task to another student who wasn't even in our group to hand it in. I was really annoyed by this and had to hold my tongue. I had said if nobody wants to hand it in I would do it. But I just let it be and never mentioned it.

However I saw a new side of her this semester, This semester I chose Project Management for my elective and my friend Nancy suggested i could ask Bella for a lend of her Project Management book, I knew it was a bit tactless to ask her but i thought in the end after doing the project together we had ended on good terms. So I asked her last week and she said sure no problem,

However obviously after having a week to think about she had time to think about it, and last night when I text her could she bring in the book today, her reply was "actually you can buy it from me....." Then i told another friend this and they're reply was, "Yea i was kinda shocked when you told me Bella said she would lend you the book, I didn't think she was that kind...."

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